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The Pioneer Game Music Composer That Created The Songs You Remember

Yuzo Koshiro 2Yuzo Koshiro (President of Ancient)

He's composed music for numerous games, both with Nihon Falcom and later as a freelancer. He also worked on a lot of Sega games, such as Streets of Rage II and Shenmue, after establishing his company Ancient.       Having started as a composer specializing in game music long before game music was established as a genre, Yuzo Koshiro is a game music composer that worked on many different Sega titles. What was the Mega Drive era like for him? He told us inside stories of composing for the Streets of Rage series, his honest opinion on the eagerly awaited Mega Drive Mini, and more! Continue Reading

A Witness To Numerous Mega Drive Talents

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Sonic Document 1
Sega has an extensive library of games, from arcade to home console. A first-hand witness to this history of celebrated creators, Rieko Kodama has worked with them all from past to present. Not only do we hear anecdotes and stories, but we also get to see some unbelievably rare materials from back in the day...!

Rieko Kodama (Sega Games Producer)

Having entered Sega as a designer in 1984, she worked on such arcade games as Sega Ninja (Shinobi Princess). Afterward she was involved with various home console titles, and served as director for Magic Knight Rayearth on the Sega Saturn. Continue Reading

The Man Who Created the Guts of the Mega Drive

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MD Design Docs 1

Masami Ishikawa (Former Member of the Sega Interactive Product R&D Division)

He joined Sega in 1979. From the time Sega entered the home console market, he planned out designs for the SG-1000 II, Master System/Sega Mark III, Mega Drive, and other pieces of hardware. The Mega Drive was released in 1988 with the slogan "The 16-bits that the era demands" (in Japan). Today we're talking to Masami Ishikawa about the hardships he went through when planning for the development of this console that was so powerful for its time. Continue Reading

30 Year Old Secret Development Stories of Why the Mega Drive Struggled Now Revealed

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Hideki Sato - Horizontal

Hideki Sato (Former Sega President)

He had a key role in the development of every piece of hardware from the time he was a part of Sega's Consumer Division, to the time he left the company. These days he's left the games industry, and serves as the president of Advance Create. They deal primarily with the development and manufacturing of various types of lighting products, used on highways and such. The Mega Drive was Sega's best selling ever piece of hardware overseas as the Genesis, where it was a huge hit. However its market share in Japan was rather lacking. We asked former Sega president Hideki Sato, who was a key person in the development team, to talk to us about the reasons why that was, and to share some previously untold stories. Continue Reading

Our Nostalgic Games: Double Dragon

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Our Nostalgic Games - Double Dragon Arcade Header

Our Nostalgic Games ~Retro Gamer Round-table~ #204

Editors passionately discussing games playable on modern hardware that are just as good as they've ever been!

Arcade Archives Neo Geo (PS4) - Double Dragon

A beat-em-up released from Technos Japan in 1987. You can use boulders and boxes to attack in these side scrolling stages that have depth. You can also play with two players simultaneously. Original Release Year: 1987 Hardware: Arcade Date of Digital Release: 11/22/2014 Maker: Hamster Continue Reading
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