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Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii

Dangerous feat. Yoshii Kazuya - Title Image

Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii is a song from Tomoyasu Hotei's 2020 collaboration album Soul to Soul. While the album had no official singles, if it did then this would be it. At the time this is being written it's the only song on the album to have a music video and to have received any kind of promotion outside of the normal digest featuring clips of every song that will be on the album.

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Mr. Video Games – Eric Martin and Game/Japanese Music

Mr. Vocalist - Eric Martin with Guitar before To Be With You

Almost anyone that knows Eric Martin undoubtedly knows him as the singer for the rock band Mr. Big, that enjoyed such popularity in the early 90s for their mega hit "To Be With You". Though they largely disappeared from the consciousness of the American music scene afterward, their popularity in Japan hasn't really diminished. They still exist as a band today, and on the occasion that they do play in the US, you'll usually find them at clubs. When they go to Japan, they sell out the Budokan. I could argue all day long about how "To Be With You" is not very representative of the band's signature sound, and how they deserved to be far more popular in the US than they were, but I'm not here to talk about Mr. Big. I'm here to talk specifically about Eric Martin, and how he's become a small but stand-out part of not only video game music, but Japanese music in general.

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