Eden no yoru ni (A Night in Eden)

  • Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics







Romanized Lyrics

kanojo wa matteru shiroi glass no heya de
kanojo wa matteru boku no arata na kiss wo
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……
sen nen mae kara kimi to boku wa tsunagarete ita
saigo no yoru wo kimete kara totemo nagai tsukihi sa
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……

kutsuu ni michita azayaka na sekai
yomigaeru sono toki futari wa
koi ni ueta adam to eve no you ni
suna dokei ni ayatsurare

moshi mo kono yo ga tada no kuroi katamari de
moshi mo kono yo ni kimi ga inai to shitara
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……

ano hi mitsuketa koori no bara mo
boku wa furezu ni ita n darou
nemuri kara samete mata hateru made
nureta kono yoru wo kazaru dake
koi ni ueta adam to eve no you ni
tsuki akari ni ayatsurare

suishou no hitomi aurora no mune
hadaka de kawasu maboroshi entertainment
kimi to futari de hikari to kage no
ito de musunde itai no sa

nemuri kara samete subete owaru made
ochita kono yoru wo kazaru dake
koi ni ueta adam to eve no you ni
yoru to asa ni ayatsurare

Translated Lyrics

She’s waiting in a white glass room
She’s waiting for a new kiss from me
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……
We’ve been connected for the last thousand years
After settling on the last night, tomorrow will be a very long day
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……

A vivid world full of agony
We’ll be resurrected at that moment
Like a love-starved Adam and Eve
Controlled by the hour glass

If this world is nothing but a big black lump
If you weren’t here in this world with me
Ah Ah Ah……Ah Ah Ah……

I didn’t touch the ice rose
That I found on that day
I’ll wake up from my sleep, and will just
Decorate this wet night, until the end
Controlled by the moonlight

Crystal eyes and an aurora heart
The illusionary entertainment that we partake in nude
I want just the two of us to be bound together
By the thread of light and shadow

I’ll wake up from my sleep, and will just
Decorate this fallen night, until the end
Like a love-starved Adam and Eve
Controlled by the morning and night


Right on the heels of the first song of the album that I’d call boring (Arasoi no Machi), Eden no Yoru ni doesn’t do anything to change that up. Whereas the former at least called back to what the band sounded like some time ago on previous albums, I’m not really sure what we have here. It’s again almost completely devoid of any of the lyrical and musical characteristics that make Yemon so unique. The chorus has a nice enough melody, but it’s done before you know it.

Yoshii was probably thinking something like this would go well on the pop album that he envisioned Smile to be, but all it ends up doing is creating a soggy middle for the album. What’s even more baffling is that according to former producer Hiroyuki Munekiyo, Yoshii was entertaining the idea of making this a single before Love Communication was decided on:

I can see why you’d have that impression now, but that actually wasn’t the case. Love Communication wasn’t that big of a hit, and “smile” didn’t just suddenly sell 100,000 copies: It stalled out at around 40,000 at first. But since they were a band that we were never sure would even get to 10,000 at that point, it was a big hit for them. Even Love Communication was a song that was just barely released: Yoshii wanted to release “Eden no Yoru ni” as a single, so Love Communication didn’t even exist until the recording for the album was over. There was no way that “Eden no Yoru ni” would have worked as a single, so I told him to write a song that was more like Kanashiki Asian Boy. Yoshii’s reaction was “But we’ve already done that, and you saw how it turned out. We want to go in a different direction”, but I persuaded him that something more like Kanashiki Asian Boy was the path that they’d succeed on. And I was amazed at what Yoshii came up with! He bought me a demo that was exactly what I had in mind, so we hurriedly recorded it.

Hiroyuki Munekiyo, Natalie.mu Interview (2013)

In terms of being single worthy, there’s just no competition between the two whatsoever, with Munekiyo was clearly in the right here! Yoshii also clearly came around to this himself. Not just because Love Communication ended up being the single, but because as far as I can tell Eden no Yoru ni hasn’t ever been performed live by the band at all.