Love Sauce

  • Lyrics: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Music: Youichi Hirose & Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics

夜中に街を一人歩く 涙でボロボロの君に会う
何か食べようか 僕もハラペコさ

愛のために流した涙は ハンケチでふきとってあげるからね


わかるよ君のその気持ちは その男ひどい男だよね

ああ繰り返し欲ばる僕を 君はそのうち笑って照れる
窓の外には月が輝く あの月さえも食べてやりたい
これは愛だと いつもその時は思う

僕は苦しい 少し苦しい 僕は淋しい 少し淋しい
Love Sauceで君を食べる
Love Sauceで

Romanized Lyrics

yonaka ni machi wo hitori aruku namida de boro boro no kimi ni au
aa naku n janai yo boku no heya ni kite
sukoshi wa ki ga raku ni naru hazu sa
nanika tabeyou ka boku mo hara peko sa

ai no tame ni nagashita namida wa hankechi de fukitotte ageru kara ne
aa boku wa shita gokoro ga miemie de
kimi mo dekigokoro no furi wo suru
otagai no anmoku no timing de
kimi ni kiss

ai de afureru sauce wo kakete tenshi no you na kimi wo taberu
tsukai komareta knife to fork de hone made shaburu
kimi no subete suitsukusu

wakaru yo kimi no sono kimochi wa sono otoko hidoi otoko da yo ne
aa dare datte akuma sa ki wo tsuke na
kenka mo sex mo ryouseibai sa
unazuita kao ga amari ni kawaikute
kimi ni kiss

ai de afureru sauce wo kakete tenshi no you na kimi wo taberu
aa kurikaeshi yokubaru boku wo kimi wa sono uchi waratte tereru
mado no soto ni wa tsuki ga kagayaku ano tsuki sae mo tabete yaritai
onaka ippai mune mo ippai
kore wa ai da to itsu mo sono toki wa omou

boku wa kurushii sukoshi kurushii boku wa samishii sukoshi samishii
Love Sauce de kimi wo taberu
Love Sauce de

Translated Lyrics

I happen across you walking down the street in the middle of the night
Ahh don’t cry, come over to my place
It’ll make you feel a little better
You want something to eat? I’m pretty hungry myself

I’ll wipe those tears you cry for love away with this handkerchief
Ahh, my motives are pretty transparent
And you show a passing fancy yourself
So taking advantage of the timing of our unspoken consent
I give you a kiss

Dipping you in a sauce brimming over with love, I’ll eat you like an angel
With a well used knife and fork, I’ll even chew on the bones
I’ll suck you dry

I know how you feel, he’s just horrible isn’t he?
Everyone’s a fiend, so be careful out there
Fights and sex punish both sides
You’re just way too cute, nodding your head along to all of this
So I give you a kiss

Dipping you in a sauce brimming over with love, I’ll eat you like an angel
Ahh, eventually you’ll smile and blush at me, being so repeatedly greedy
The moon shines bright outside the window, and I want to try eating even it
With a full stomach and a full heart
At times like this, I always think this feeling is love

I’m in pain, a little bit of pain; I’m feeling lonely, just a little bit lonely
So I’ll eat you with some love sauce
With some love sauce


Love Sauce - Heesey (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Heesey when he knows his song’s on (Four Season tour, 1996)

We’ve seen a few songs that had music co-written by Emma on previous albums, but Love Sauce is the first song to feature music cowritten by Heesey! Like Period no Ame, this is not a song that’s really been discussed by the band in interviews, nor is it a song that fans tend to mention a lot. And that’s a real shame, because I really like this song!

Love Sauce - Annie (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Even Annie has a blast with this song! (Four Seasons tour, 1996)

Sure it’s no deep lyrical masterpiece, but it’s so much fun! It doesn’t exactly take a much analysis to understand what the lyrics are about, but they’re just so over the top that I have to appreciate them. Yoshii’s vocal delivery is also a big factor, especially with “kimi ni kiss” (which before I actually read the lyrics, I always thought was “gimme a kiss!”). There aren’t too many examples of Yoshii writing these sort of over the top and joke-y lyrics, but for me he does them just about as well as he does serious and obfiscated ones.

Rebecca Leigh-White and Jordan Bailey are also credited with backing vocals on Love Sauce. Both appear with minor credits on some albums over the years, but it’s hard to get too much of a beat on what either one of them has done.

Love Sauce - Yoshii and Emma (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Four Seasons tour, 1996

In terms of its live performances, Love Sauce was of course played throughout the 1996 Four Seasons tour (and I’d particularly recommend these versions since the keyboards are much more up-front in the mix). It was also played during Mekara Uroko 28 in 2017, which as of this time is not available in any type of recorded format.

Love Sauce - Yoshii and Heesey (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Daawww! (Four Seasons tour, 1996)