Sweet & Sweet

  • Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics

フル回転の欲望は たまらず止まらず叫びだす
俺はプリミティヴに踊る 愛し合いたくて仕方ないらしい
ロックン・ロール感じ 好きなように

体の奥まで熱くなる 長いくちづけをしていたい
時間差でやってくる君の 魅力で俺を溶かしてほしい

目の前に広がる バラ色の世界は
まぼろしじゃないのさ 君次第でこの世は

Sweet & Sweet 蜂蜜のように
Sweet & Sweet 今宵甘くスイート

ギターは君の手を縛り リズムは君の腰砕く
夜はまだまだこれからさ オートリバースでくり返して

夢で見たような スリリングな夜は
どこにでもあるのさ 君次第でこの世は

Sweet & Sweet 苦い人生も
Sweet & Sweet 今宵甘くスイート
Sweet & Sweet イヤな世の中も
Sweet & Sweet 今宵甘くスイート
Sweet & Sweet….(Round & Round)

Romanized Lyrics

full kaiten no yokubou wa tamarazu tamarazu sakebi dasu
ore wa primative ni odoru ai shi aitakute shikata nai rashii
rock n roll kanji suki na you ni

karada no oku made atsuku naru nagai kuchizuke wo shite itai
jikan sa de yatte kuru kimi no miryoku de ore wo tokashite hoshii

me no mae ni hirogaru bara iro no sekai wa
maboroshi janai no sa kimi shidai de kono yo wa

Sweet & Sweet hachimitsu no you ni
Sweet & Sweet koyoi amaku sweet

guitar wa kimi no te wo shibari rhythm wa kimi no koshi kudaku
yoru wa mada mada kore kara sa auto reverse de kuri kaeshite

yume de mita you na thrilling na yoru wa
doko ni demo aru no sa kimi shidai de kono yo wa

Sweet & Sweet nigai jinsei mo
Sweet & Sweet koyoi amaku sweet
Sweet & Sweet iya no yo no naka mo
Sweet & Sweet koyoi amaku sweet
Sweet & Sweet…(Round & Round)

Translated Lyrics

My desire is on full-blast, screaming endlessly
Doing a primitive dance, looks like it’s inevitable that we want to love each other
Cut loose, in a rock ‘n’ roll way

I want to give you a long kiss that’ll heat you up all over
I want you to melt me with your charm, coming into a time difference

The rose-colored world spread out before your eyes
Is no illusion, and it all depends on you

Sweet & Sweet, just like honey
Sweet & Sweet, things can be so sweet tonight

A guitar ties your hands, the rhythm makes you falter
The night is still young, so let’s put things in auto-reverse and do it again

Thrilling nights like those you’ve dreamed of
Can be found anywhere, it’s all up to you

Sweet & Sweet, even this bitter life
Sweet & Sweet, can be so sweet tonight
Sweet & Sweet, even being in this unpleasant world
Sweet & Sweet, can be so sweet tonight
Sweet & Sweet… (Round & Round)


Sweet & Sweet - Band (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Four Seasons tour, 1996

Sweet & Sweet was the B-side on the Taiyou ga Moeteiru single, released 09/30/1995. They made for a good pairing the context of a single, since it offered up two different sides of the band’s then current sound…but I feel Sweet & Sweet can be seen as a bit of an unbalanced song.

Sweet & Sweet - Emma (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Emma during the intro (Four Seasons tour, 1996)

The best Yemon songs have meaningful or at least interesting lyrics, powered by great music and arrangement. Sweet & Sweet forms a pair with I Love You Baby on this album as being the two straight-up rock tracks of the album. While I Love You Baby does not have very substantial lyrics, I feel that they work better than what we see here. There’s just nothing to sink your teeth into lyrically at all. But also similar to I Love You Baby, what really saves this track is just how kinetic and full of energy the music and arrangement are. It’s a party song meant to get the crowd stirred up live, and realizing that made me back off a bit on my initial reaction of it not being up to snuff because of the lyrics. It’s very likely that the lyrics were meant to be kept light, because this is just a song meant for everyone to have fun during.

Sweet & Sweet - Yoshii (Tokyo Dome, 2001)
Tokyo Dome, 2001

Though we’ve heard some tracks before that feature both Yoshii and Emma on guitar, Sweet & Sweet is one of the first to really take advantage of this with dual leads throughout the song. Of course this tends to come out best during live performances, which is why I’ve come to think of this as a Yemon song best heard live. Luckily it’s been played live semi regularly, but mostly after the band reunited. It was of course a regular during the Four Seasons tour, and also apepared on setlists for Mekara Uroko 8 (Their “final” live at Tokyo Dome in 2001, before reuniting in 2016), Mekara Uroko 27 (2016), Mekara Uroko 28 (2017), and the Osaka 30th Anniversary Live (early 2020).

Sweet & Sweet - Yoshii and Emma (Mekara Uroko 27, 2016)
The dual lead part right before Emma’s solo (Mekara Uroko 27, 2016)
Sweet & Sweet from the 2001 Tokyo Dome live