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A Top Composer, Beloved Worldwide – Nobuo Uematsu

Magazine Translations
Nobuo Uematsu
Profile - The president of Dog Ear Records who has composed music for many games, including much of the Final Fantasy series from when he was with Square Enix. Recently he's also composed for games such as Granblue Fantasy and Terra Wars, and continues to receive attention worldwide for his talent as a composer and keyboardist. Composer Nobuo Uematsu is a pioneer in the world of game music, and an all around great person. The sudden extended time off that he took last year sent shock waves through the industry, but he's returned as of January 2019. He's shown the fans his energy as he went around to 11 venues in 8 cities, as a part of the "Bra*Bra Final Fantasy" series of brass band concerts. We talked to him about his current state, as well as what the future holds. Continue Reading

25 Years Since The Release Of Final Fantasy VI – Looking Back At The Passion

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FFVI Interview - Group
25 years ago, Final Fantasy was already a hugely popular series. But with FFVI you can really feel the determination of the staff to not rest on their laurels due to the series' reputation. These legendary creators took a look back at their memories of the development of this title with us. Eiji Nakamura - As the sound engineer for FFVI, he was responsible for the sound effects and sampling. He's currently the president of Sound Racer. Kasuko Shibuya - Square Enix's "Pixel Artisan". As the graphics director for FFVI, she was in charge of the character pixel graphics. Hironobu Sakaguchi - As the father of Final Fantasy, he needs no introduction, and he served as the producer of FFVI. He's currently the president of Mistwalker. Yoshinori Kitase - An executive officer at Square Enix, he served as the director for FFVI. He also put together the event team. Minoru Akao - He was in charge of the sound programming for many Square titles, beginning with FFVI. He's currently the president of RedSpark. Continue Reading

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Hardware: Playstation 4/XBox One
03/19/2015 (Japan), 03/17/2015 (US), 03/20/2015 (PAL)
ファイナルファンタジー零式 HD
For years after the original release of Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PSP, Final Fantasy fans outside of Japan held out hope for an official English language release of the game. Various things happened over the years that kept fans holding onto hope, but a release announcement never even came. Many theorized that a full-blown Vita version would be announced, but I don't know if anyone suspected that an HD version for current generation consoles would be the version that was finally given to the world. Continue Reading

Final Fantasy Type-0

Hardware: PSP
10/27/2011 (Japan)
Final Fantasy Type-0 is the first portable entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub-series of Final Fantasy games, which begun with the controversial Final Fantasy XIII on the Playstation 3 in late 2009 (Japan release date). It was only the second entry in what would eventually be five titles (if you count Final Fantasy Agito, a mobile game that only exists on iOS and Android at the time of this writing), and was originally announced under the title Final Fantasy Agito 13. The game was directed by Tabata Hajime, who up until this point was known for his work on a couple of different portable/mobile titles in the Final Fantasy universe: Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- (for mobile phones), and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- (for PSP). He also directed The 3rd Birthday on PSP, the kind-of sort-of third game in the Parasite Eve series. The point is that Tabata had some experience working on what you might consider to be the "side" Final Fantasy games, one of which garnered a good amount of praise (Crisis Core) for its extremely tight action battle system. Type-0 was said to use a version of that same battle system, so things were off to a promising start from the very beginning. Continue Reading

Final Fantasy Explorers

Hardware: 3DS
12/18/2014 (Japan)
ファイナルファンタジー エクスプローラーズ
In 2010 Square Enix released its first "Monster Hunter clone", Lord of Arcana. This was a very popular time for Monster Hunter clones, and theirs was considered by most to be the worst in quality, and was certainly the worst selling of the bunch. In other words, it was a failure. It wouldn't be until mid 2014 that Square Enix would appear to try their hand at copying Monster Hunter again with Final Fantasy Explorers. It was a natural thing to assume that's what they were doing, since it was announced as an online 4-player game for the 3DS. What else are games that fit that description other than Monster Hunter clones? Well as it turns out, that isn't really what Final Fantasy Explorers was at all. Continue Reading