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Enchant Arm

Hardware: XBox 360
01/12/2006 (Japan), 08/29/2006 (US), 09/08/2006 (PAL)
Enchanted Arms

From Software is a much more versatile developer than many give them credit for these days. So many of their flagship series have been oriented toward the "hardcore": Kings Field, the Souls games and Armored Core. They're also well versed in horror games with the Echo Night series and Kuon, and have even done straight up actions game like Otogi and Metal Wolf Chaos. What many people forget is that they have also made attempts at RPGs. While the Souls and Kings Field series are RPGs in a way, that isn't exactly what I mean. From's next RPG after the first three Kings Field games was Shadow Tower, which was a somewhat nontraditional take on the dungeon crawler that would receive a Playstation 2 sequel many years later. Then came Eternal Ring and Evergrace, which will serve as the introduction to Enchanted Arms.

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Armored Core

Hardware: Playstation
07/10/1997 (Japan), 10/31/1997 (US), 07/1998 (PAL)

Games that put the player in control of a mech (or a similar type of giant robot) have waxed and waned in popularity over the years, and have come in many different varieties. These days the Armored Core series is arguably a standard in mech games, having been around consistently since 1997 on the original Playstation. It was not, however, the inventor of the genre. Many would consider the inventor to be the MechWarrior series, which debuted on MS DOS in 1989 (and the Super NES in 1993). These were certainly some of the first games to place the player inside of the cockpit of a mech, presumably replicating the slow and lumbering feeling that one would experience from trudging across a battlefield in a giant robot that is not really all that mobile. Even the most popular entry in the MechWarrior series, MechWarrior 2 was released two years before Armored Core in 1995.

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