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Staff Writer Masayuki Kibe’s Russia Diary: From Russia with Game Love

GCCX Kibe Diary - Rollercoaster

It's Arino's first overseas trip in four years, and this time it's to Russia!! We're bringing you a big feature which contains the first published photographs of the making of "Game Center CX in Russia ~Symphony of a Northern Land~", as well as Masayuki Kibe's "Russia Diary"!!

Article: Masayuki Kibe
Photography: Shinya Arino, Tsuyoshi Kan, Ryou Osuka, Kogawa Yuuki, Iwahashi Tasuku, Kadosawa Seita

I'm one of those indoor types that hasn't at all gotten sick of being at home all the time throughout the stay home period that's been going on over the last two months. That said, I've visited five different countries so far in my lifetime. Just hearing that someone's been to Asia, North America and Europe may make you think that person is quite active. However, I only went to all of those places for location filming. Furthermore, I went for the purpose of foreign games, not sightseeing.

This time around I set off for another country that I never dreamed that I'd ever go to.

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Game Center CX 2020 – Special Long Interview With Shinya Arino

Magazine Translations
Arino 2020 Interview Profile

Interview - Kiyoshi Tane
Photography - Hiroyuki Matsuzaki

After nearly 17 years, Game Center CX has finally reached its 300th episode. These last two years have brought us Arino's Challenge in Makuhari Messe, the GCCX Symfony, and Game Center CX in Russia. We're bringing you this interview with Shinya Arino to commemorate this momentous occasion, and discuss the trials leading up to it!

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Game Center CX: Staff Writer Kibe’s Challenge

Kibe's Challenge Book Cover
    • ゲームセンターCX 作家岐部の挑戦
    • Written by Masayuki Kibe
    • Released 10/12/2018
    • Published by Kadokawa

Masayuki Kibe chronicles the trials of moving to Tokyo to break into the entertainment industry as a writer, helping to get Game Center CX off the ground, and the reasons he feels that it's become such a popular show.

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Game Center CX 15th Anniversary – Special Long Interview With Shinya Arino

Game Center CX Continue Special

Interview - Kiyoshi Tane
Photography - Hiroyuki Matsuzaki

Shinya Arino was born in Osaka on 02/25/1972. In 1990 he formed a comedy duo called Yoiko with Masaru Hamaguchi, a friend since middle school. In addition to his activities as a part of said comedy duo, he also regularly appears on Game Center CX (aired on CS Fuji TV One), as well as a wide variety of other things.

The Kacho's Skills Have Actually Improved?

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Game Center CX! You've had many hard challenges in recent seasons, haven't you? Like Chou Aniki (Episodes 220-221)

(Arino) Hard? As in difficult? Well my techniques have improved, after all! (Laughs)

The ADs said that you've been keeping a good eye on enemies lately. They even say that you're getting better at shoot'em ups, which you're known to be not very good at.

(Arino) I get complimented on that from the youngest person on the production staff. I wonder if it's because I've been backing off when it's time to back off, since my feelings of not wanting to die have been coming out.

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