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Corpse Party BloodCovered: …Repeated Fear

Hardware: PSP
08/12/2010 (Japan), 11/22/2011 (US), 12/14/2011 (PAL)
コープスパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー

Both the horror and visual novel genres have rich histories within the world of Japanese games. And given the emphasis that they both place on story telling as a key component, it makes complete sense that there would be games that mix in elements of both. The Corpse Party series was certainly not the first to take this step, though it's one of the more recent success stories. And since it took awhile for a non-computer version to be developed, it's not even as recent as most might think.

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Time Travelers

Hardware: Vita/PSP/3DS
3DS and Vita - 07/12/2012, PSP - 07/19/2012 (Japan)

The Visual Novel genre had seen a renaissance unlike any it had experienced in a long time by 2012. Japan had seen Visual Novels with incredibly high quality writing and sometimes interesting new game play mechanics such as "428 ~fuusa sareta Shibuya de~" (The "428" is actually pronounced as "Shibuya"), "Danganronpa", "Stein's Gate" and "Kyokugen Dasshutsu Ku Jikan Ku Nin Kyuu no Tobira" ("999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors") in recent years, so it's only natural that the newest Visual Novel from Level-5, "Time Travelers", could potentially be the next title to continue the cycle. But its success was not necessarily probable due to it being published and developed by Level-5 (who by this point had certainly had their share of successes, but also plenty of failures), but instead because of the staff involved in its creation.

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