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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Hardware: Playstation 4/XBox One
03/19/2015 (Japan), 03/17/2015 (US), 03/20/2015 (PAL)
ファイナルファンタジー零式 HD
For years after the original release of Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PSP, Final Fantasy fans outside of Japan held out hope for an official English language release of the game. Various things happened over the years that kept fans holding onto hope, but a release announcement never even came. Many theorized that a full-blown Vita version would be announced, but I don't know if anyone suspected that an HD version for current generation consoles would be the version that was finally given to the world. Continue Reading

Psycho Break

Hardware: PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/XBox 360/XBox One
10/23/2014 (Japan), 10/14/2014 (US/PAL)
The Evil Within
Shinji Mikami is a figure in the Japanese game industry who has always been followed very closely. Creating the Resident Evil series relatively early on in his career at Capcom, and then reinventing it twice with the GameCube remake of the first RE and then Resident Evil 4, he has really ended up as the "survival horror guy". To be fair though, he did have a huge role in creating that genre as it exists today. Yes he directed non-survival horror titles after parting ways with Capcom, but those would really go on to become cult favorites at best. He never seemed to be able to achieve Resident Evil levels of success with any of his other projects. That's why when it was announced in 2010 that he would be creating his first survival horror game since Resident Evil 4 (known at this time as Project Zwei) with his studio Tango Gameworks, survival horror fans everywhere rejoiced. Not only was Mikami returning to survival horror after spending his time in the action game world, but he said all the right things that old school survivor horror fans wanted to hear. Particularly that modern survival horror games were far too action focused. He wanted to bring back the feeling of struggling to survive. To bring about even further hopes for the title, Tango Gameworks was purchased by Bethesda later on in that same year. This could, in theory at least, provide Tango with a design sensibility that a lot of Western gamers feel that many Japanese developers lack these days. Continue Reading

The Legend of Korra

Hardware: PlayStation3/PlayStation4/XBox 360/XBox One
PS3 & PS4 - 10/21/2014, XBox360 & XBox One - 10/22/2014 (US)
There are a couple of reasons to be excited about a Legend of Korra game that just happens to be developed by PlatinumGames, of Bayonetta series fame. You may be a fan of the Legend of Korra or Avatar cartoons on Nickelodeon, which were extremely popular among kids and adults alike. You also may be a fan of PlatinumGames previous works, particularly those in the third person action genre, often garnering high praise. For these reasons, this game had a lot working in its favor. That's why it's all the more unfortunate that it somehow managed to fall short of expectations. Continue Reading