Tsuioku no Mermaid (Memories of a Mermaid) -Original Lyric Version-

  • Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics

雲が太陽を消し まどろむ君を抱いて
しつこいほどディープな キスを交わす
ああ 僕はまだ若さを 裏切る事できずに


「ねぇ あたしは誰よりもあなたを愛してる」と


涙で全てを 濡らし愛しながら
溶けていく なにもかも色褪せないまま
涙で全てを 幻に変えよう
追憶のマーメイド Forever


涙で全てを 濡らし愛しながら
落ちていく 何もかも
涙でこの世を 幻に変えよう
二人の記憶に 永遠のカギをかけ
涙で ああ 涙で 傷を癒しながら
追憶のマーメイド Forever

Romanized Lyrics

kumo ga taiyou wo daki madoromu kimi wo daite
shitsukoi hodo deep na kiss wo kawasu
aa boku wa mada waka sa wo uragiru koto dekizu ni
kimi no naka ni saita yokubou dake mita

hakanai ningyo no you na shiroi karada wo furuwasete
naite iru

“nee atashi wa dare yori mo anata wo ai shiteru” to
boku yori zankoku na uta wo utau

yawaraka midare gami ni yubi wo karamete
oyoideku yuuwaku no umi ni

namida de subete wo nurashi ai shi nagara
tokete yuku nani mo ka mo iroasenai mama
namida de subete wo maboroshi ni kaeyou
tsuioku no mermaid Forever

yuuyami semari saigo no yoru ga aketara
oyoideku seijaku no umi ni

namida de subete wo nurashi ai shi nagara
ochite yuku nani mo ka mo
toki wo tometa mama
namida de kono yo wo maboroshi ni kaeyou
futari no kioku ni towa no kagi wo kake
namida de aa namida de kizu wo iyashi nagara
tsuioku no mermaid Forever

Translated Lyrics

The clouds block out the sun, and I hold you as you doze off
We share a kiss so deep as to be obstinate
Ahh, still unable to betray our youth
I saw only the desires that bloomed within you

With pale white body trembling like an ephemeral mermaid
I’m weeping

Saying “You know I love you more than anyone else”
You sing a more cruel song than I do

Running fingers through your soft and disheveled hair
You go to swim in the alluring ocean

Soaking everything in tears as I feel love
It’s melting, but none of it will ever fade
Let’s change everything into illusions with our tears
Memories of a mermaid, forever

Twilight draws near, and when this final night comes to an end
You’ll go swim in the silent ocean

Soaking everything in tears as I feel love
It’s all falling to pieces
Stopping time
Let’s change this world into an illusion with our tears
I turn the key on the eternal lock of our memories together
As I heal my wounds with tears, ahh with tears
Memories of a mermaid, forever


I would encourage anyone reading this to also checkout the translation and notes for the regular version of Tsuioku no Mermaid as well, for the full story of this song. Basically this is the original concept for the song, which only surfaced with the release of 2004’s greatest hits compilation, Mother Of All The Best. As far as I’m aware there was no real mention of this original version before this release, but rumor has it the lyrics had to be re-written due to the original ones being branded “too extreme” by the record company.

And honestly, there’s nothing “extreme” about this. This was very much targeted as being a pop song which would appear in TV commercials, so my guess is that the record company saw the original lyrics are being too depressing for something like that and forced a rewrite (though by historical standards for Yoshii’s lyrics, this is not all that depressing!). The concept is the same between versions, it’s just the tone of the version that was released is more bittersweet and less depressing. I also don’t think the original lyrics are particularly any better or worse than the ones found in the final version, but it’s good that this original version surfaced for historical purposes.