Venus no Hana (Venus Flower)

  • Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics


汚れた雨のしずくに濡れながら(Shy shy Venus flower)
したたかな襟のシャツを脱がして(Shy shy Venus flower)
エロティックな純愛さ I wanna fly


プラトニックじゃ間に合わない I wanna fly



Shy shy Venus flower

Romanized Lyrics

(Oh, shake it down!)

kawaita taiyou no hikari wo abite
kui no nokoranai fuku wo erande
daiji na kimi ni ai ni yuku no sa
kawaii Baby
takane no hana ni hachimitsu ga ippai

yogoreta ame no shizuku ni nurenagara (Shy shy Venus flower)
shitataka na eri no shirt wo nugashite (Shy shy Venus flower)
kizu wo name au you na kiss de
tsume wo tatete
tsuburanu Baby
erotic na junai sa I wanna fly, fly, fly

moshi mo kirei na hanabira wo mitara
boku wa chou ni nari kimi ni mau no sa
saki midareteru venus no hana
kimi to tawamurete itai dake


seikimatsu nante ki ni naranai
me wo mite
obieta Baby
platonic ja ma ni awanai I wanna fly, fly, fly

soshite kirei na hanabira wo mitara
boku wa chou ni nari kimi ni mau no sa
saki midareteru venus no hana
boku ga sagashiteta saigo no hana

kono yo ga hametsu suru sono mae ni kimi to kanjite itai dake
kono yo ga naku naru sono mae ni kimi wo dakishimete itai dake

Shy shy Venus flower

Translated Lyrics

(Oh, shake it down!)

Basking in the sun’s dry light
Picking out clothes that I won’t have any regrets about
I’m going to see you, who are so important to me
Search for it
My lovely little baby
The ones out of your league are full of honey

Getting wet from the dirty rain drops (Shy, shy Venus flower)
I take off this shirt with its stiff collar (Shy, shy Venus flower)
With a kiss that feels more like we’re licking each other’s wounds
Dig your nails into me
My round little baby
Ours is an erotic and pure love, I wanna fly, fly, fly

If I happen to see beautiful flower petals
I’ll turn into a butterfly and flutter over to you
Venus flowers are blooming like crazy
And I just want to mess around with you


I’m not worried about the end of the century
Look into my eyes
My frightened little baby
It’s too late to be platonic, I wanna fly, fly, fly

And when I see beautiful flower petals
I’ll turn into a butterfly and flutter over to you
Venus flowers are blooming like crazy
The last flower that I’ve been searching for

I just want to feel something with you before the world falls into ruin
I just want to hold you before the world ends

Shy, shy Venus flower


Much like the three tracks before it, Venus no Hana doesn’t do much of anything for me at all. The same things I said about Yeah Yeah Cosmetic Love apply here too: It’s kind of a lifeless pop-rock song that doesn’t have much interesting to offer lyrically or musically. The melody is fine (I don’t know that I’ve heard Yoshii ever write a bad one), but fine isn’t what I’m expecting of Yemon at this point as a band.

Also the main guitar riff of this song kind of drives me crazy. I can’t think of any other Yemon songs I can say this about, but it’s way too…I guess indulgent 80s rock sounding? It just sounds like something that should be playing in a tacky strip club in an 80s movie, and I can’t think about anything but that when I’m listening to it. This is definitely a contender for worst song on the album, if you ask me.

There’s one interesting and clever linguistic thing to be pointed out, in the line “takane no hana ni hachimitsu ga ippai” (“The ones out of your league are full of honey”). The phrase “takane no hana” is used to refer to something our of your league or unobtainable, but if you translate it literally it means “Flower on a high peak”. Yoshii could have expressed this same thought in a more straightforward way, but he went with a phrase that involves flowers.

It’s as difficult to believe as it was for Eden no Yoru ni, but Yoshii actually wanted this to be one of the singles for this album. Luckily, others were able to talk him out of it. It ended up being Love Communication instead:

Actually, when it came to song writing, I was really in a big slump during “smile” (our fourth album). Love Communication was me heatedly saying “You want pop songs?! I can make as many of them as you want, whenever you want!” in a very frantic way. When actually, that song was tacked on: It wasn’t originally supposed to be on “smile” at all. I said that I wanted to make Venus no Hana the single, but everyone else said it wasn’t strong enough. I thought “It isn’t strong enough!?”, and lost my temper. I said “Alright, you just wait and see!”, then I wrote it.

Kazuya Yoshii, In Search of Lost Love (Ushinawareta Ai wo Motomete)

And much like the other song, as far as I can tell this one has never been played live at all. Not even during the tours around the time of Smile’s release!