Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii

Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii is a song from Tomoyasu Hotei’s 2020 collaboration album Soul to Soul. While the album had no official singles, if it did then this would be it. At the time this is being written it’s the only song on the album to have a music video and to have received any kind of promotion outside of the normal digest featuring clips of every song that will be on the album.

Dangerous feat. Yoshii Kazuya - Yoshii with Guitar (Smiling)
Yoshii holding Hotei’s signature guitar during the
behind the scenes filming of Dangerous

Though this is Hotei and Yoshii’s first collaboration to appear on an album, it’s not the first one that they’ve ever done. Back in 2006 they collaborated on a version of Hotei’s hit song “Thrill” on the music program “Our Music” (“Bokura no Ongaku”). This version featured Yoshii on vocals and Hotei on guitar.

Their musical roots are very similar, so their collaborations always tend to work out really well. Let’s hope for more in the future!

  • Lyrics: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Music: Tomoyasu Hotei

Original Lyrics

違う男に抱かれて 辻褄合わす土曜日

白黒フィルム回して シャッターチャンス待ってる

蝶になれば花は開く そこには三月の青空
触れて離れ 繰り返す シンパシーがガタンゴトン get down
愛憎が溢れて 抱きしめていたいたいたい

浮気な子猫ちゃんだね ニャオー

疑心暗鬼にかかって 奇人変人扱い

禁じられた罪を犯す 彼女がアスピリンを噛んだら
頭冴えて 身体キレる エクスタシーがand more and more get down
シルエット重なり やめてくれ やめてくれ 好きになりそう

フォーリンラブ 深まった愛が 歌のように始まって終わる
天使と悪魔とは 君のためにある

バレリーナが羽を揺らす 空には満天の星空
見えない糸 手繰り寄せ シンフォニーの音 音 get down
感情を飛び越え 大気圏 銀河系 何もないとこ

フォーリンラブ 目覚めたら 恋が始まってた もうないと思ってた
いいじゃない 好きならば いいじゃない
そのために生まれてきた フォーリン
フォーリンラブ 深まった愛が 歌のように始まって終わる
デンジャラス そこからは デンジャラス ケセラセラ

Romanized Lyrics

chigau otoko ni dakerete tsujitsuma awasu doyoubi
sazo harenchi na kao shiteru darou

shirokuro film mawashite shutter chance matteru
yagate matagari shimetsukeru darou

chou ni nareba hana wa hiraku soko ni wa sangatsu no aozora
furete hanare kurikaesu sympathy ga gatan goton get down
aizou ga afurete dakishimete itai itai itai

akai heart ga muri nara kuroi heart demo ii ze
uwaki na koneko chan da ne nyaoo

gishinanki ni kakatte kijin henjin atsukai
chichin puipui itakunai yo mou

kinjirareta tsumi wo okasu kanojo ga aspirin wo kandara
atama saete karada kireru ectasy ga and more and more get down
silhouette kasanari yamete kure yamete kure suki ni narisou

fall in love fukamatta ai ga uta no you ni hajimatte owaru
tenshi to akuma to wa kimi no tame ni aru
kotoba da to wakatta no sa

ballerina ga hane wo yurasu sora ni wa manten no hoshizora
mienai ito taguri yose symphony no oto oto get down
kanjou wo tobikoe taikiken gingakei nanimo nai toko

fall in love mezametara koi ga hajimatteta mou nai to omotteta
ii janai suki naraba ii janai
sono tame ni umarete kita fall in
fall in love fukamatta ai ga uta no you ni hajimatte owaru
dangerous soko kara wa dangerous que sera sera
ato modori dekinai no sa

Translated Lyrics

It’s just another Saturday, with you in another guy’s arms
No doubt you’re making an indecent face at him

Winding the camera’s black and white film, you’re waiting for your shot
Before long you’ll probably be straddling

When you turn into a butterfly, the flowers bloom; And that’s where you’ll see the blue sky in March
Touching, leaving, and repeating; Sympathy clicks and clacks, get down
Overflowing with love and hate, I want to hold, hold, hold you

If a red heart is too much, a black one’s fine too
You’re such a fickle kitten, meow

Stricken by jumping at shadows, I’m treated as being eccentric and weird
Hocus pocus, it doesn’t hurt anymore

When she, who will commit a forbidden crime, bites into an aspirin
Her head clears, her body gives out; The ectasy gets to be more and more, get down
Our silhouettes are overlapping; Stop it, stop it, I think I’m falling in love

Fall in love; Intense love starts and ends like a song
Angels and devils are both there for you
That’s a phrase that I knew

The sky in which a ballerina will flap her wings is an expansive night one
Pulling on an invisible thread, the sound of the symphony, the sound, get down
Surpassing emotions, the atmosphere, the galaxy, a place where there’s absolutely nothing

Fall in love; I woke up to a love that I thought would never exist again
It’s fine, as long as I love you it’s fine
That’s what I was born for, fall in
Fall in love; Intense love starts and ends like a song
Dangerous, from there it’s dangerous, que sera sera
There’s no going back now

Dangerous feat. Yoshii Kazuya - Yoshii with Guitar
The more serious version of the photo above
Dangerous - Yoshii Cat Paw
Yoshii doing a cat paw during the “meow” line