In Search of Lost Love (Ushinawareta Ai wo Motomete) – The Autobiography of Kazuya Yoshii

Ushinawareta ai wo Motomete Cover
  • Written by Kazuya Yoshii
  • Edited by Takako Inoue
  • Published by Rockin’ On, 12/22/2007

In late 2007, shortly after the release of his single “bakka” and 4th solo album “Hummingbird in the Forest of Space”, Yoshii wrote an autobiography entitled “In Search of Lost Love” (“Ushinawareta Ai wo Motomete”). It’s a very free flowing, almost diary-like accounting of Yoshii’s life from childhood, to forming The Yellow Monkey, all the way through to their breakup and establishment of his solo career.

In Search of Lost Love - Intro Photo 1
In Search of Lost Love - Intro Photo 2

Chapter 1 – Loss

Chapter 2 – Awakening

Chapter 3 – Rock Star

Chapter 4 – Rose Colored Days