Region Locking on the XBox 360

XBox 360

Let’s face it, there are a lot of ways to play games on the 360: Physical discs, XBox Live Arcade, and Games on Demand being the most popular. I scoured many forum posts that attempted to explain the ins and outs of how points worked across regions, and what games could be played on which region of system. None of them had all of the answers, and often the information was incomplete or just plain wrong. My goal is to ensure that no one else seeking these answers has to go through the same process to find out what they can or can’t play on what and where.


ActRaiser Title Screen

The high quality of this game’s soundtrack can not be overstated. To many it remains one of Yuzo Koshiro’s finest and most defining works, and it certainly shows that he understood how to use the SNES/Super Famicom sound chip to its fullest extent right from the beginning of the system’s life.

Monster Hunter G

Monster Hunter G Title Screen

While Monster Hunter G makes the first generation of this series much more palatable, it probably won’t convince someone who found the first entry unplayable to jump into the series.

The Wonder of Lost Odyssey

Seth Lost Odyssey

The writing in this game is absolutely not trite or trivial, which is what allows for characters that I became attached to in a way that had not happened to me in a game since the 16 or 32-bit eras.