The Ninja Warriors

The NInja Warriors - Title Screen

The Ninja Warriors definitely wears that it’s an arcade game that is meant to overwhelm you and take your money on its sleeve, even more than the arcade version of Spartan X did.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon Arcade - Title Screen

Thankfully, Double Dragon does have an attack that’s practically guaranteed to get you through without too much trouble, as long as you get the timing down: The elbow smash.

Nekketsu Kouha Kunio kun

Nekketsu Kouha Kunio kun Arcade - Title Screen

It’s unclear how much inspiration was actually taken from other media, but in a 2013 interview director Yoshihisa Kishimoto said that the game reflected his own high school experience.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon (Famicom) - Title Screen

The Famicom port probably didn’t deliver the experience that big fans of the arcade version wanted, but it succeeded on its own merits.

The Kung Fu

The Kung Fu - Title Screen

The Kung Fu feels a little too padded out with its many pallet swaps, higher number of levels, and excessive reliance on off-screen objects to wear down player health.