Nier (Gestalt and Replicant)

Nier Gestalt - Title Screen

Though the story as a whole is a very intriguing one..but for me it was all about how well the little moments were written.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories - Title Screen

If you’re in the mood for a nice simple RPG that won’t overwhelm you, or really enjoy RPGs that borrow systems from Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories probably won’t steer you wrong.

Persona 5

Persona 5 - Title Screen

While the story is certainly not devoid of anime tropes…it’s easily the best written and thought out story that the modern series has seen so far.

Drag-On Dragoon

Drag-On Dragoon - Title Screen

A large part of what makes the story interesting is the characters, and the fact that most of them are horrible people.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest Title Screen

Despite all of the genuine care that went into trying to make Dragon Quest successful in the US, it just did not sell as a $50 game. There were so many unsold copies that Nintendo eventually gave it away free with new $20 subscriptions to Nintendo power, further sweetening the deal with a strategy guide that contained a full walk-through and additional back story.