The History of KOF Part 2

KOF XV Heidern

“It’s not because I fee Japanese players must dominate due to it being a Japanese made game, it’s because I find it fun as an individual player to complete against players from different countries.” – Score, Pro-Gamer

The History of KOF Part 1

KOF Ikari Team

“Thinking that Tougeki will always use the newest title in the series, I figured the only way to create hype around a KOF ’98 scene would be to start a national tournament myself.” – Dune, KOF player and tournament organizer

Neo Geo And Me File 2: Kenichiro Takaki

Fatal Fury Special - Duck King

“Home console games were interesting, but I was charmed by being able to get a rich experience from arcade games, much like that of going to eat a fancy restaurant.”- Kenichiro Takaki, President of Honey Parade Games

Neo Geo And Me File 1: Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Ryo Sazaki

“My favorite super move ever is Terry’s Buster Wolf from Garou: Mark of the Wolves…I was shocked by how cool it was when I first saw it.” – Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Voice Actor