The People Reviving the Darius Series

Darius Cozmic Collection - Dev Team Shot

“I thought that I might get some complaints from the staff for so quickly agreeing to it without thinking about staffing and schedules, but everyone around agreed with my decision because…well, it’s Darius!” – Naoki Horii, M2

Darius Plus

Darius Plus - Title Screen

The distinct qualities of the original arcade/Super Darius soundtrack aren’t quite preserved here, but it’s still fine enough.

Super Darius

Super Darius - Title Screen

And though the enemy patterns aren’t actually any different than the original, I would imagine the zoomed-in view makes for a lot of re-learning for those who had spent a lot of time with Darius in the arcade.


Darius (Arcade) Title Screen

According to Ogura he was only given one month to complete the music for the first Darius.