Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: New Features!


“For Squall’s gunblade, something light would have done just fine, like a bamboo sword. But we actually made something heavy, out of metal.” – Yoshinori Kitase

Interview with Hiroshi Fujioka for Shenmue I & II

Hiroshi Fujioka

“Iwao, like my own father, has a firm and unwavering heart. He’s also a man that doesn’t run, lose, yield, give up, is never shaken by anything, and is honest.” – Hiroshi Fujioka

Wild Guns Reloaded Developer Interview

Wild Guns Reloaded Screenshot

For Reloaded I looked at the old Assembly source code that I wrote for the original and thought ‘How am I going to write this in a modern programming language?'” – Toshiyasu Miyabe, Natsume Atari

Nioh Beta Surprises

Nioh Beta - Onryoki

If you found Dark Souls too obtuse or frustrating, you’ll probably think the same thing about Nioh.