• Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

I pour the poisonous melody into your mouth
Please expose your glamorous blood
To your heart’s content without life……

Aurora’s radiation control the electric symphony
My tongue thrashing with yours
Endless agony, endless caress
I’m dreaming a silver flying carry you away to midnight

World’s symmetry is getting warped It’s nothing to protect
It’s not strange if the black rain fall……
Now we are trying hard but I’m sure we will make it someday
Children born in the age of hanging-low!
The guitar fascinates all of you
I bare my beastly fangs I shoot the love like a loop of moonscape
It’s just like bunched birth!!

That’s right, Yemon’s first song on the Bunched Birth album featured broken English lyrics, showcasing just how Western influenced and odd Yoshii’s writing was right from the start. Even more odd is that what you see above were not the lyrics that were printed in the booklet: Those lyrics were written in Japanese! The lyrics above are the Internet’s accepted version of the English spoken in the song, since there doesn’t seem to be any official record as to what they are. The following are the Japanese lyrics that appeared in the booklet, along with a translation of them that takes what Yoshii says in English into account as much as possible.




I pour the poisonous melody
Into your mouth
Spew out as much glamour as you like
Without a care for anything else in the world……

Our tongues thrash about to an electronic symphony
Controlled by radiation from an aurora
I’m dreaming of you being taken away on a silver disc in the middle of the night
In endless agony and with endless caresses

The world’s symmetry has warped
There’s nothing left to protect
It’s not odd for the black rain to fall……
Our memories right now are painful, but one day they’ll turn into happy ones
Children born in these low hanging times!
Bearing my fangs like a wild beast, with a magical guitar
I shoot out love like a looping moonscape
This is our bunched birth!!

While original English lyrics are surprisingly accurate to the Japanese that appears in the booklet, a few parts diverge wildly. My favorite is “a silver disc” (obviously referring to a UFO) becoming “a silver flying”. It’s not really worth putting much thought into this song, since it obviously serves as a weird opening to the album. This is the only track on any Yemon album clearly written as an intro, and it would be a very long time before Yoshii attempted another song completely in English.