• Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics

強欲なあなたとランデブー 亀裂が入るまで In out
絶体絶命のリピート それでも豊かな Sweet life

あなたが眠りたがるなら 独りで眠りたがるなら
お好きな様にすればいい 後から毒が回るから

限界まで耐えるつもり? それでも顔色変えずに
瞑想に耽るこいつの 弾は抜かれてる Shotgun

綺麗な物だけと Looking for a fairy land
Get down!
星屑吸い込み Looking for a fairy land
Shotgun no future?

煌びやかに駆けめぐる 星屑の天国列車の
夢を見て笑うシニカルな 唇に花びら押しあて Yeah
爆弾みたいな瞼と 吸い込まれそうな寝息と
いつか目覚める欲望を 独り占めにする Good time

悔しいくらい Love you
鏡がなければ Nothin’ no future
Get down!
身体中 Electric parts
想像力だけがでっかい Fairy land
電気仕掛けだから 毒は効かない…
電気仕掛けのナルシスのFairy land
Shotgun no future?

Romanized Lyrics

gouyoku na anata to rendezvous kiretsu ga hairu made In out
zettai zetsumei no repeat sore demo yutaka na Sweet life

anata ga nemuritagaru nara hitori de nemuritagaru nara
osuki na you ni sureba ii ato kara doku ga mawaru kara

genkai made taeru tsumori? sore demo kaoiro kaezu ni
meisou ni fukeru koitsu no tama wa nukareteru Shotgun

denki jikake no narcissus
nemuritsuzukeru paradise
kirei na mono dakedo Looking for a fairy land
Get down!
denki jikake no narcissus
osoroshii hodo colorful
hoshikuzu suikomi Looking for a fairy land
Shotgun no future?

kirabiyaka ni kakemeguru hoshikuzu no tengoku ressha no
yume wo mite warau cynical na kuchibiru ni hanabira oshiate Yeah
bakudan mitai na mabuta to suikomaresou na neiki to
itsuka mezameru yokubou wo hitorijime ni suru Good time

denki jikake no narcissus
kuyashii kurai Love you
kagami ga nakereba Nothin’ no future
Get down!
denki jikake no narcissus
karadajuu Electric parts
souzouryoku dake ga dekkai Fairy land
denki jikake no narcissus
denki jikake no narcissus
denshi jikake dakara doku wa kikanai…
denki jikake no narcissus no Fairy land
Shotgun no future?

Translated Lyrics

During a rendezvous with you, who are so greedy, it’s the old in-out until I crack
This desperate situation keeps repeating, but it’s still a rich and sweet life

If you want to sleep, if you really want to sleep alone
Then just do whatever you want; The poison will spread soon enough

Is he pushing himself to the limit? Either way, his expression is still the same
He’s lost in thought, firing a bullet from his shotgun

He’s an electric narcissist
In an eternally sleeping paradise
It’s such a beautiful thing, but he’s looking for a fairy land
Get down!
He’s an electric narcissist
So colorful that it’s awful
Sucking up all the stardust, looking for a fairy land
Shotgun, no future?

Pushing flower petals against cynical clips that smile
And dreaming of a stardust train to heaven so glamorously racing by, yeah
Eyelids like bombs, sounds of sleep that seem to suck you in
And desires that will one day awaken; He’ll keep them all for himself and have a good time

He’s an electric narcissist
Who loves you so much that it’s embarrassing
If he doesn’t have a mirror then he’s got nothin’, no future
Get down!
He’s an electric narcissist
With electric parts throughout his body
His imagination alone is a huge fairy land
He’s an electric narcissist
He’s an electric narcissist
He’s electric, so he can’t be poisoned…
It’s an electric narcissist’s fairy land
Shotgun, no future?


The first page of the Bunched Birth lyrics booklet titles this song “Fairy Land (denki jikake no narcissist)”, or “Fairy Land (Electric Narcissist)”. Everywhere else in the booklet refers to it only as “Fairy Land”. Whatever is being shouted after every other line in the chorus doesn’t appear in the lyrics, and I couldn’t find any guesses as to what it might be. “Jets! Jets!”? “Chance! Chance!”?

Fairy Land early performance - Yoshii and Emma
Yoshii and Emma from a performance of Fairy Land sometime just after the release of Bunched Birth

The song is clearly written from the perspective of a woman, and Yoshii revealed that the narcissist was in fact him during an interview about the lyrics of “Lovers On Backstreet” in the book “So Young”.

The sexual analogy “in-out” here is specifically a reference to dialogue from the film and novel “A Clockwork Orange”, in which sex was regularly referred to as “the old in-out”. David Bowie was a noted fan of “A Clockwork Orange”, and even used Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (which was prominently featured in the movie) to open most of his concerts during his Ziggy Stardust period. This likely had something to do with Yoshii’s fondness for it as well.

Fairy Land early performance - Annie
Annie having a great time and looking very 80s in the same performance

The lyrics shift from directly speaking to the narcissist in the first two versus to referring to him in the third person for the rest of the song. It’s unclear why this was done, but the third person verses and chorus are what really gives this song character. While there isn’t exactly too much artistic ambiguity to be found here, this is one of my favorite songs from this album. It has a very punchy beat, and is a lot of fun to sing along with. Yemon didn’t perform this song hardly at all after their indie days, but it would appear in a set list a few times.