Period no Ame (Rain of the Period)

  • Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics








Romanized Lyrics

period no ame no oto
boku ni wa kikoete ita
shitteru…shitteru yo…
yogoto kimi wa nemurezu ni
mou hitotsu no tamashii ni
subete wo sasageteta ne
demo boku wa damatte kimi wo dakeba ii
sore kurai nante koto nai yo

chuu ni ukaita bed de futari hitotsu kage ni nari
“mou ichido mou ichido” kimi wa enjiru n da ne
spangle mitai ni nurete hikaru karada ni
period no ame ga furu

mayonaka ni unasareta
yume de kimi ni knife wo sashita
period no ame no iro
akaku nigotta jealousy no iro

kowarekake no bed de futari hitotsu kage ni nari
kishimu oto kikinagara boku mo enjiru n da ne
spangle mitai ni oreta futari no kasa ni
period no ame ga furu

aa, kirei na ai hodo yogoreteru no sa
aa, yogoreta ai hodo owari wa kirei sa
aa, konya wa dare ni mo watasanai kara
aa, saigo ni ano koro no you ni
uso demo ii

ai no kieta bed de futari hitotsu kage ni nari
mou nido to mou nido to boku wa kaeranai darou
spangle mitai ni kimi to boku no karada ni
kira kira to nisemono no namida ga nagareru

soto wa asayake heya no naka ni wa
period no ame ga furu

Translated Lyrics

The sound of the rain of the period
That’s what I was hearing
I know…I know…
Every night, without sleeping
You were giving your all
To another soul
But I stayed quiet about it, and just held you
Like it was no big deal

In this bed floating in space, we become a single silhouette
You’re playing the part, saying “One more time, one more time”
And on your glistening wet body, like spangles
The rain of the period falls

I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare
Where I stabbed you with a knife
The color of the rain of the period
Is the muddy red of jealousy

In this broken bed, we become a single silhouette
I’m playing the part too, as I listen to this grating sound
On the broken umbrella that we’re both under, like spangles
The rain of the period falls

Ahh, it’s as impure as pure love
Ahh, the end is as pure as impure love
Ahh, I won’t let anyone else have it tonight
Ahh, our last moment that will be just like the old days
Even if it’s a lie

In this bed that love has disappeared from, we become a single silhouette
I probably won’t go back ever again, ever again
And on our bodies, like spangles
Fake tears glisten and fall

Outside is a morning glow, but inside this room
The rain of the period falls


Period no Ame is pretty much the only song on Four Seasons that is rarely ever talked about by the band or fans. And this is almost certainly because the song is just too plodding. It can be really tough to stick the landing when it comes to medium tempo ballads, but even the chorus doesn’t swell up or have as much energy to it as it probably should. It doesn’t really go anywhere musically at all, which probably makes it the weakest song on Four Seasons.

Period no Ame - Yoshii (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Four Seasons tour, 1996

That said, I actually really like the lyrics. Most songs about infidelity don’t go through this much trouble to not explicitly mention what they are about, but Period no Ame does everything it can to hide that behind expressions: “You were giving your all to another soul”, etc. Also this depiction of a relationship coming to an end because of that infidelity really strikes me as being a more real take on it than you’d normally see: It’s about a person who’s accepted that it’s over and recognizes that they were putting off the inevitable. They’re not particularly angry, just a little sad and wanting to have that “one last moment” before it’s actually done.

Believe it or not, I had a bit of trouble landing on a translation for the title/phrase “period no ame” itself. It seems pretty obvious that “period” is meant to be equivalent to the Japanese word “jidai” (which means “period” in the sense of an era in time). If I didn’t care about keeping the actual word “period” in the translation (since that’s how the song is titled), I probably would have went with “Rain of the Era” instead.

Period no Ame - Emma (Four Seasons Tour, 1996)
Four Seasons tour, 1996

This song seems to have only appeared in one live recording: Tour ’96 For Season at Nippon Budokan (01/12/1996), which was of course during the first leg1996 Four Seasons tour. If you look at some later dates in the tour (such as the 07/21/1996 recording at NHK Hall), it’s been dropped off of the setlist by that point. It will likely remain one of those songs that’s only dredged up live every once in a great while, if ever again at all.