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Metroid: Zero Mission

Hardware: Game Boy Advance
05/27/2004 (Japan), 02/09/2004 (US), 04/08/2004 (PAL)
メトロイド ゼロミッション

Metroid was released on the Famicom Disk System and NES in 1986, and for its time it was a fantastic game. It practically invented a genre, and its influence on gaming in general simply cannot be denied. As the years passed and its sequels were released though (Metroid II in 1991 (US) and 1992 (Japan and Europe) on the Game Boy, and Super Metroid in 1994 on the Super Famicom/Super NES), the original quickly began to look and feel its age. It was Super Metroid in particular that really put it out to pasture, for all of the reasons that make it appear on many top SNES games lists. It just did everything that the original Metroid did, but orders of magnitude better. And it added something that the original was not too big on: Atmosphere.

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