Mikami also noted that Vanquish was heavily inspired in both look and feel by the 1970s anime Shinzou Ningen Casshan by Tatsunoko Productions.

Phantasy Star Nova

Phantasy Star Nova - Title Screen

Phantasy Star Nova is essentially Sega letting tri-Ace run with Phantasy Star Online 2, with the guidelines that it must be story and single-player focused.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 - Title Screen

The best compliment I can pay Bayonetta 2 is that I had more fun with it than I did playing any other video game in a very long time.

Sakura Taisen: Hana Gumi Taisen Columns

Sakura Taisen Hana Gumi Columns Title Screen

All in all, this title really has a lot of great things to offer to Sakura Taisen fans. There is a ton of original art displayed in the background as the Columns matches are going on, a good amount of original voice acting is featured, and you can even customize the jewels to be tiny Sakura heads.

Sakura Taisen

Sakura Taisen title Screen

With this star-studded team, it’s no surprise that Sakura Taisen would go on to become one of the best selling original Saturn games of all time. Its success had less to do with the talents of each individual involved though, and more to do with the the strong core concepts of the game and how everything came together into one fantastic package.