• Lyrics & Music: Kazuya Yoshii
  • Arrangement: The Yellow Monkey

Original Lyrics

イメージとダメージを重ね すてゼリフは君を悩まし
カリスマは指をねじられ ゲームは結末を迎える

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon

無責任なドラマのあらすじ 君はそれにすがりながら
紙ふぶき投げキッスの嵐 キングとクィーンのパレード

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
時は盗めずに 疲れ果て
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
インタビューも 答えられず

羊の皮をひきちぎり 押さえる欲望を殺す

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
クリエーターはひざまずき うなだれ
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon

Romanized Lyrics

image to damage wo kasane sute zerifu wa kimi wo nayamashi
charisma wa yubi wo nejirare game wa ketsumatsu wo mukaeru

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
creator no tougaikotsu wa kudake
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
last stage ni hotobashiru

musekinin na drama no arasuji kimi wa sore ni sugarinagara
kami fubuki nage kiss no arashi king to queen no parade

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
toki wa nusumezu ni tsukarehate
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
interview mo kotaerarezu

hitsuji no kawa wo hikichigiri osaeru yokubou wo korosu
uso wo tsuita chameleon no namida wo kakiatsumete

Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
creator wa hizamazuki unadare
Oh My Oh My Mr. Paper Moon
seien wa kimi no bourei wo tsutsumikomi……

Translated Lyrics

Piling on the imagination and damage, you’re tormented by sharp parting words
Charisma twists your fingers, and this game goes out to greet the end of it all

Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
The creator’s skull is fractured
Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
Surging up onto his last stage

As you cling to the outline of an irresponsible drama
You throw confetti in a storm of kisses; The King and Queen’s parade

Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
Time is exhausted, not having stolen anything away
Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
And it can’t take any interviews

Skinning a sheep, you kill off your suppressed desires
Gathering up the tears of a lying chameleon

Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
The creator kneels down and hangs his head
Oh my, oh my Mr. Paper Moon
Support envelops your ghost……


This is one of the few songs on Bunched Birth that doesn’t have much of a complete meaning, but rather exemplifies what would become one of the greatest strengths of Yoshii’s writing: Not always using lyrics to tell a story, but rather using interesting phrases that have individual meanings, and leaving determination of the overall meaning to the listener.  It’s also almost completely acoustic and very reliant on a piano, more qualities which make it distinct from the other album tracks.

Mr. Paper Moon - Group
Natsukagawa Folk Jamboree (12/17/1992)

We also see the first instance of what would become a semi regular issue with Yoshii’s song writing: The “Hey Jude” ending (ending a song with some variation of “La la la la”, repeatedly). It doesn’t seem very egregious here not only because this is the first time we’ve heard him do it, but also because the tone of the song kind of supports it.

Mr. Paper Moon - Yoshii
Natsukagawa Folk Jamboree (12/17/1992)

I was only able to find one time that this song was performed live: at the Natsukagawa Folk Jamboree in 1992, along with an acoustic version of Sleepless Imagination at the very least. Since the song is so dependent on having a piano, Yemon had to have someone play it.  They managed to talk their own Production Director, Hiroyuki Munekiyo, into coming out to play it, and also convinced him that he needed to fit in with the band…

Mr. Paper Moon - Director costume
Hiroyuki Munekiyo in his Ziggy Stardust getup

Yoshii said “We should put some makeup on you”, and I said “No, I don’t really want any”. And he said “Huh? You’re a part of our show, so it’ll throw off the balance if you don’t have at least a little bit of makeup on!”. So he sat me down in front of the mirror and put some makeup on me. It ended up looking just like Ziggy Stardust makeup! And just as I was asking him what he was doing, he pulled out clothes as well: Boots, silver chaps…And that’s when I realized that I’d fallen for it.

Hiroyuki Munekiyo, Mekara Uroko 20 2016 ver. TV Special