One Million Power is now on YouTube and Patreon!

For a long time now I’ve wanted to move some of this site’s non-translation content onto a format that might possibly get a bit m more traction, aka video! Of course, that means that OMP is now on YouTube! While I still have a long way to go as far as establishing myself on that platform, I decided that Scrolling Down the Belt would be a good first candidate for my breakout.

The Scrolling Down the Belt YouTube playlist

But Scrolling Down the Belt is really just the beginning! I’d love to create YouTube content based on other Japanese game history topics, such as Shmups/STGs, fighting games, sound novels, anime licensed games, and even topics related to Japanese music! This will certainly come with time and ramping up on the platform. But if you’re interested in supporting One Million Power in these endeavors, or really just supporting the site in general, please consider subscribing to the Patreon.

I’ll also continue to post here about now videos, but for now the public playlist includes coverage of Kung-Fu Master/Spartan X, along with Dragon Wang and My Hero/Seishun Scandal. Patreon subscribers currently have access to a video about Trojan/Tatakai no Banka which hasn’t made it to the public feed yet!

The MagFest YouTube channel also uploaded a video of a panel that long time friend Kevin Bunch and I did back in January for MagFest 2024, covering the Darius series of shmups/STGs! We weren’t able to get to every part of it, but we did the best we could for our one hour time limit! It’s a huge series for both of us, so we hope that we did it justice!