Darius in 1987: An Account by Zenji Ishii of Gamest

Former Gamest editor Zenji Ishii posing for a photo that appeared in his interview in the D30 fanzine, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Darius.

“It’s a game where you can really immerse yourself in the world…I find it challenging to articulate my feelings well. Whether in words or writing, expressing how amazing this game is can be difficult for me.” – Zenji Ishii, Editor at Gamest magazine

Game Center Chronicles Part 5

Mikado in Ikebukuro

…and opening this new location was Ikeda’s way of defiantly shouting out that small arcades weren’t going to just die.

Game Center Chronicles Part 4

Gundam EX Revue

He also began holding many more fighting game tournaments, drawing players in with favorites such as Gundam EX Revue, Fatal Fury 2, and Samurai Shodown 2. And he streamed them all.