Game Center Chronicles Part 2


The location test that Ikeda remembers surprising him was The King of Fighters ’95. It brought in 50,000 yen all on its own, and he was floored by the amount of people who showed up to play it.

Game Center Chronicles Part 1

Mikado Takadanobaba Location

Mikado has even been a venue for weddings, fashion shows, and pro wrestling matches. It’s a legendary arcade that opened in 2006.

Continue Vol. 74 – Special Long Interview with Shinya Arino

Continue 74 - Arino Pointing

With the show’s ban on the “strongest console in history”, the PlayStation 2, finally being lifted, and a new generation of ADs finally appearing on the show, Game Center CX has entered a brand-new era. We’re once again speaking to Arino Kacho, Japan’s national treasure, just ahead of their 20th year on the air. Interview … Read More

Early Game and Comic Discographies: MCU

MCU x Sega Sound Collection Cover Image

“When you go to buy used retro games, a lot of them are just sold cart only (without a box and manual), right? I wondered what that would mean for kids that bought them today, so I thought of these raps as me explaining these old games instead of the instruction manuals.” – MCU

The History of KOF Part 2

KOF XV Heidern

“It’s not because I fee Japanese players must dominate due to it being a Japanese made game, it’s because I find it fun as an individual player to complete against players from different countries.” – Score, Pro-Gamer