So Young – A Collection of Yoshii Kazuya’s Lyrical Poetry

So Young - Hardcover
  • Written by Kazuya Yoshii
  • Edited and interviews by Takako Inoue
  • Design by Takahiro Saguchi
  • Photography by Mikio Ariga and Kazuya Yoshii
  • Published by Rockin’ On, 04/10/1999

Shortly after the release of the single by the same name and between the “Punch Drunkard” and “8” albums, a collection of quite a few of Yoshii’s lyrics were released by Rockin’ On in the form of a poetry book. It included pictures of the original hand-written versions of many of them, as well as the lyrics to a completely unreleased song called “semi shigure” (“A Chorus of Cicadas”). An original interview was also included about his history of song writing and influences, some short interviews regarding 10 specific songs, and plenty of photos from past and present.

Yoshii Kazuya’s Lyrical Composition: Searching For the Sources of His Literariness

Lyrics to “semi shigure” 

10 Songs By Kazuya Yoshii

So Young - Book Intro 1
So Young - Book Intro 2
So Young - Book Intro 3