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With the Creators’ Cats: A Cat Games Feature

Famitsu Translations
Dragon Quest Cats
(The following is a translation from the 03/08/2018 issue of Famitsu magazine. Original page scans can be found at the end of the article.)

A Nyan-Nyan Special Feature: Was That Game Made With the Support of This Cat!?

With the Creators' Cats: A Cat Games Feature

In our February 1st issue there was a feature in which we introduced game creators' dogs. But we suspect there are a lot of creators that are cat people as well! So in honor of February 22nd being Cat Day, cats are going to be running rampant throughout this feature. So take a look at all of these creators' cute partners that support their hard work in game creation from behind the scenes! These pages are also packed full of all sorts of fluffy information on games in which cats appear or are befriended in! Continue Reading