With the Creators’ Cats: A Cat Games Feature

Magazine/Site: Famitsu
Date: 03/08/2018

A Nyan-Nyan Special Feature: Was That Game Made With the Support of This Cat!?

With the Creators’ Cats: A Cat Games Feature

In our February 1st issue there was a feature in which we introduced game creators’ dogs. But we suspect there are a lot of creators that are cat people as well! So in honor of February 22nd being Cat Day, cats are going to be running rampant throughout this feature. So take a look at all of these creators’ cute partners that support their hard work in game creation from behind the scenes! These pages are also packed full of all sorts of fluffy information on games in which cats appear or are befriended in!

Yoshiteru Sato (Idea Factory)

Yoshiteru Sato of Idea Factory

The President of Idea Factory and Director of Compile Heart. Their newest game “Death end re;Quest” is themed around game “bugs”, and the story progresses alternately between “Real Mode” and “Game Mode”.


Name: Hinode
Breed: Kijishiro
Age: 5 years
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Hinode

I happened to see him at a nearby park about 2 years ago, and we got along very well. I took it as a sign, and took him in about half a year ago.


About Hinode

I got to know him around the time planning for “Death end re;Quest” began, and took him in when development was reaching its peak. I thought that he was really cute, like the character Shiina from the game. You see, someone from the neighborhood told me he was female when I first saw him at the park. But when I took him to the vet, they told me he was a boy! (Laughs) It’s a good thing I didn’t name him “Shiina” or “Neptune”. Now “Death end re:Quest” will be getting released soon, I’m sorry to have kept everyone waiting for it. We tried to make it a “treasure” for everyone who’s going to play, the staff have all put their utmost efforts into working on it.

What Hinode is Like

As soon as I wake up in the morning and am done in the bathroom, he always reports ‘meow!” to me. He’s timid and doesn’t run around a whole lot. But he’s very punctual and isn’t at all careless. He also loves getting wiped off with a hot towel.

How He Feels About Hinode

He’s my greatest treasure.

Kenichi Tsuchiya (Atlus)

Kenichi Tsuchiya of Atlus

A sound composer who worked on the very first game in the Persona series. He served as the Lead Sound Designer on the hit RPG that encompassed the lives of the Phantom Thieves and high school students alike, Persona 5.

Name: Monaka
Breed: Mixed
Age: 12 years (youngest)
Sex: Female

Name: Char
Breed: Mixed
Age: 12 years (oldest)
Sex: Male

Char and Monaka-2

Why He Chose Char and Monaka

“Ahh, I’d like to have cats…”. “Alright, I’m going to find an apartment that allows pets, so will you come live with me?”. I went through this unbelievable process that felt like a courtship, and soon enough found them on an adoption site.

Char and Monaka-3

About Char and Monaka

Whenever cats are featured in any of the games I do sound design for at Atlus, I typically use my own cats as the voice talent. They get swapped out with real voices for the overseas versions though, so I won’t quite exaggerate it by saying that they’re internationally known. The character Morgana in Persona 5 isn’t actually a cat himself, but the sound of the engine of the van that he transforms into was created from the sound of Char purring. I don’t know if it’s just because of the nature of my job, but if I were to total up the cost of all of the cables I’ve had to replace from being chewed on by cats, I’d probably be able to take an 11 day Mediterranean cruise. I’ve thought that I’d lost the wind screens on my mics, and have found them on top of the book shelf…

What Char and Monaka are Like

The older is generally calm and carefree, but the younger is a troublemaker that likes to run wild. They’re both spoiled and incredibly shy around strangers. Whenever the doorbell chimes, they take cover just like the Phantom Thieves. So hardly anyone who has come to visit me has ever seen them! They all wonder whether or not I actually have cats.

How He Feels About Char and Monaka

They’re family.

Mei Erikawa (Koei Tecmo Games)

Mei Erikawa of Koei Tecmo Games

A Brand Manager for Ruby Party, a team that handles games aimed at women. Their latest release “Tokimeki Restaurant *** Project TRISTARS” deals with the new charm found in idols 5 years after their debut.

Milky and Kururu - 1

Name: Kururu
Breed: Mixed
Age: 7 years
Sex: Male

Name: Milky
Breed: American Shorthair
Age: 9 years
Sex: Male

Milky and Kururu - 2

Why She Chose Milky and Kururu

My family has had cats since I was a kid, so when it came time to live on my own I decided to have cats as well. Milky was the first cat that came to sit on my lap at a breeder’s house that I had gone to after I began looking. He looked at me with those sad eyes and I knew it was fate, so I took him in. As for Kururu, I’d heard that the animal shelters were full of cats around the time of the Tohoku Earthquake, so I went over to see if there was anything I could do. He showed me his belly and was rolling around, and I just couldn’t resist how desperate he was for attention. So I took him in as well.

Milky and Kururu - 3

About Milky and Kururu

They have such cute expressions and poses, and their movements are so smooth that they’ve been used as references for still images and dance videos.

What Milky and Kururu are Like

Milky is very spoiled, and if she doesn’t get attention she’ll immediately pout and complain. She’s always either in my lap or in the gap between my legs. Kururu is very loving and a big talker, and just a charming, tubby little cat. His meow sounds more like “kururu”, which is why I named him that.

Milky and Kururu - 4

How She Feels About Milky and Kururu

They’re my buddies, and an oasis for my heart.

Yasunori Kanetake (Konami)

Yasunori Kanetake of Konami

A designer who has worked on Gradius III & IV, as well as Silent Hill 2 and 3. He also serves as the manager in charge of design for DoraKore Studio, the makers of the card-based game Dragon Collection.

Pranz - 1

Name: Pranz
Breed: Unknown
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Pranz

He was given to me by a cat loving neighbor in whose garden he’d been abandoned just after he was born. I’ve always loved animals and have had all sorts of pets. We’d just been talking about getting a pet, so I felt like the timing of it all was right.

Pranz - 2

What Pranz is Like

He’s unyielding and does things his own way. He absolutely thinks that he’s the boss. He’ll snuggle up to me when he wants attention, but he’ll bite when he doesn’t. (Laughs) They start out as little nips, but then he looks right at you and slowly starts biting harder…Some of the staff members I’m closer to have gotten cuts on their hand from him. He’s also strangely okay around water. You’d think he’d run away when you put him in the bath, but he seems to really enjoy it.

Pranz - 3

How He Feels About Pranz

He’s my therapy. His responses can vary, but there are times when I feel like he’s really showing emotion and expressions. You could say that he’s just a pet, but I feel that he teaches me a lot.

Eiri Mikoshiba (Konami)

Eiri Mikoshiba of Konami

Executive Director of arcade games in the Pop’n Music and Quiz Magic Academy series. His latest games include having fun with rhythm games in “Oshare Battle” and an arcade game aimed at girls in “Otokadoru”.

Maria - 1

Name: Maria
Breed: Mixed
Age: 16 years
Sex: Female

Why He Chose Maria

When I got home one day, I heard a little voice yowling at me…And so I got really scared, but went down into this space in my apartment that’s like a sub-basement. Then I reached behind some things and…pulled out this tiny little warm ball of fur.

Maria - 2

About Maria

We were going through the design of the cabinet for an arcade game aimed at girls called “Otokadoru” with a cat-like mascot character named “Nyandora”. No matter how many times I asked them to take another stab at the design, they couldn’t land on a design for the body that worked with the cat mouth. And I couldn’t really explain what I was looking for very well either. So I bought some sculpting clay and made a sample, for which I used her as the model (I’m sorry I made you do that Maria!). But that element of a cat’s charm changed things for that game one way or the other, if only a tiny bit. I think putting your heart and soul into making things for someone (in this case for making girls think that this game is cute) is just sort of an extension of that.

Maria - 3

What Maria is Like

Her temperament is a little bit rough, she’s not afraid to go after you if you put your hand near her too carelessly. But she’ll definitely come to you when she wants to be petted or gets cold. She’s your typical Cinderella story and isn’t very clever. But she’s never anything but herself, and that’s fine. She loves that eternal combo of going from “See I’m not scared, you just frightened me a little!” to pouncing.

Maria - 4

How He Feels About Maria

She’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

Hiroki Asai (Colopl)

Hiroki Asai of Colopl

The Producer of “Quiz RPG mahoutsukai to kuroneko no Wiz” and “Shironeko Tennis”. Their best known game “Shironeko Project” has gained popularity as an easy to play smartphone game with both charming characters and story.

Pino - 1

Name: Pino
Breed: Mixed
Age: 1 1/2 years
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Pino

I had cats at home growing up, so I always wanted to have one of my own. I moved into a pet friendly apartment and found Pino.

Pino - 2

About Pino

As is evident from the presence of the word “cat” in the titles of the games I work on, the projects I’m involved with tend to have some sort of connection to them. When I decided to find a cat, the reason I picked one with both black and white coloring is because of the titles of those two games. I’d like to make a game featuring a black and white colored cat if I have the chance!

Pino - 3

What Pino is Like

He puts his heart and soul into eating, and always snuggles up to me when it’s time for him to eat. He’s grown a bit large because he loves to eat (probably?), and lately he’s grown enough to be able to push the door knob and open the door to my room himself. So he comes in to wake me up when it’s time for breakfast, acting as something of an alarm clock. (Laughs)

Pino - 4

How He Feels About Pino

He’s my therapy, and also my alarm clock.

Ryotaro Ishii (Square Enix)

Ryotaro Ishii of Square Enix

Producer the fairy-tale themed smartphone RPG “Grimms Notes Repage”. Its had over 16 million downloads, and had a major update at the end of January. It also introduced the story of a brand new main character.

Kona - 1

Name: Kona
Breed: Somali
Age: 5 years
Sex: Female

Why He Chose Kona

A woman I was dating at the time took a liking to Kona, but the apartment I was living in didn’t allow pets. So I took Kona with me to start living with her, and she’s now my wife.

Kona - 2

About Kona

Whenever I use the cat wearing boots in Grimms Notes, I always think “Now it’s my cat’s turn!”. But because my cat is usually pretty quiet, she isn’t very good at meowing. She’s far from having a “voice that rings out like a bell” as was detailed in the character spec, so we didn’t use her for the voice recording. In the end we had a voice actor do it. When I was at home once trying to post on Twitter, she ran across the keyboard and caused me to post a mysterious tweet that read like something out of a horror movie. I still remember that fondly.

Kona - 3

What Kona is Like

She’s very possessive, so when I’m playing games she starts biting the controller stick. Then she’ll often hide somewhere where I can’t see her, and when I look for her she’ll jump out onto my shoulder with a self satisfied look on her face. She’s a girl that doesn’t try to hide her mental state. And then when my wife and child go to sleep, she’ll lick my face. But she only tries to do that when I’m the only one around.

Kona - 4

How He Feels About Kona

I’d like to say “She’s family”, but I think that sometimes a cat’s actions are much more like that of a lover.

Tetsuya Nomura (Square Enix)

Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix

Director of the Kingdom Hearts series and the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake. He’s currently adding new worlds to and forming the battle between Sora and Master Xehanort for Kingdom Hearts III.

Hisho and Deshi - 1

Name: Hisho (“Assistant”)
Breed: Scottish Fold
Age: 4 years
Sex: Female

Name: Deshi (“Apprentice”)
Breed: Scottish Fold
Age: 4 years 2 months
Sex: Male

Hisho and Deshi - 2

About Deshi and Hisho

People say that they were used in the model for Chirithy when that character appeared in the Kingdom Hearts X series, but I didn’t have them yet so that isn’t really true. There is something in Kingdom Hearts 3 based around Deshi though. I also would like for him to make his Instagram debut soon, so we won’t be taking any interviews (Just kidding).

Hisho and Deshi - 4

What Deshi and Hisho are Like

When I first got Deshi he had a habit of biting, he was so wild that it was out of hand. I managed to raise him right though, because he’s very kind and loving. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I’ve raised her, but Hisho is very wary. Deshi will just go into the bedroom and go to bed on his own around midnight, but whenever I’m at home Hisho won’t leave my side.

Hisho and Deshi - 3

How He Feels About Deshi and Hisho

They’re my apprentice and assistant. Deshi is getting to be more and more like me, and Hisho senses if anything’s unusual in the room right away.

Jin Fujiwara (Square Enix)

Jin Fujiwara of Square Enix

Producer for Square Enix that is currently working on Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. The “bravery system” from the Dissidia series is integrated into this command-based RPG.

Chidori and Linz - 1

Name: Chidori
Breed: Mixed
Age: 6 years
Sex: Male

Name: Linz
Breed: Probably Mixed
Age: 6 years
Sex: Male

Chidori and Linz - 2

Why He Chose Chidori and Linz

When I visited the animal shelter, paws came out through one of the cages and grabbed onto my arm. That’s when I knew it was meant to be, and I had to take them home with me!

About Chidori and Linz

There’s a cat-monster that appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia called Gaelicat. My cats weren’t the models for it at all, but even though we’re talking about a game here, it was very difficult for me to attack a cat. I played the game without the sound on so that I couldn’t hear Gaelicat’s voice when it took damage. Later on I complained to the Director, asking him “Why did you feature Gaelicat?”. (Laughs)

Chidori and Linz - 3

What Chidori and Linz are Like

Both of them are very spoiled and follow me wherever I go. Chidori will jump up on just about anything, and Linz will tap me to get my attention. Chidori is energetic whereas Linz is more reserved. However whenever a delivery person or someone shows up, the one who gets the most scared is Chidori. I never get tired of being around them, and they have very interesting personalities.

How He Feels About Chidori and Linz

They’re my purpose in life. I work hard every day so that these cats can live carefree lives. (Laughs)

Yuusuke Katagata (Spike Chunsoft)

Yuusuke Katagata of Spike Chunsoft

A Localization Producer who has worked on such titles as Portal Knights. He’s also in charge of the localization of “Cities: Skylines PlayStation 4 Edition”, coming on 4/12. He’s making it possible to enjoy this city building simulator that’s so popular overseas in Japanese.

Mei - 1

Name: Mei
Breed: American Curl
Age: 13 years
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Mei

A woman I was dating at the time broke up with me out of nowhere (she just told me that it was because I wasn’t mindful enough of the relationship). I wasn’t able to accept not having someone to talk to when I got home after that, so I decided to get a cat.

Mei - 2

About Mei

It’s not easy to get your cat featured in a game as a Localization Producer, but I’ve made sure to get the name “Mei” as a choice in a games where you’re able to name your pet. This doesn’t have anything to do with games, but the number of people who love cats has increased so much that people are getting married on 2/22 (Cat Day).

Mei - 3

What Mei is Like

He’s very active, and very spoiled. When I throw one of his balls, he plays fetch with it just like a dog. When he does it for a particularly long time, he sometimes will spite me by bringing it back somewhere just out of my reach. When I’m relaxing on the sofa, he lays on top of my legs in both winter and summer, and even licks my face. He sleeps with me on my futon when I go to bed at night, but he’s usually moved down between my legs by the time I wake up in the morning. So he’s often still tired.

Mei - 4

How He Feels About Mei

He’s my best buddy.

Tetsuya Ootsubo (Sega)

Tetsuya Ootsubo of Sega Games

A game creator who has been working on the Hatsume Miku rhythm game series “Hatsune Miku Project Diva” for quite some time. He served as Director on the latest entry in the series “Hatsune Miku Project Diva X HD”, which was released in August 2016.

Joutarou and Takizawa - 1

Name: Joutarou
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat
Age: 3 years
Sex: Male

Name: Takizawa
Breed: Russian Blue
Age: 14 years
Sex: Female

Joutarou and Takizawa - 2

Why He Chose Takizawa and Joutarou

My wife has had Takizawa for some time, but we thought “one cat is usually lonely by themselves”, so we brought in Joutarou. However we were a bit worried about it because his previously owner said that he didn’t get along well with other cats.

Joutarou and Takizawa - 3

About Takizawa and Joutarou

We recorded doriko’s song “Cat Food” for Project Diva F, and it’s a song in which the music has a cat motif. Because of this, we quickly decided that we should include a cat in the video footage that went with the song. I suggested that it be a Russian Blue, but unfortunately that didn’t fit with the image of the song. So then I thought that I could at least use one of my cat’s voices as an extra sound effect, so then I went home and laboriously recorded a bunch samples of Takizawa. It was then unfortunately decided that they also didn’t fit the image that we were going for. Doing voice recording for animals is difficult!

Joutarou and Takizawa - 4

What Takizawa and Joutarou are Like

Takizawa has a real tsundere-type personality. She’s very haughty, but loves McDonalds french fries. Joutarou is a little bit of a naughty boy who’s curious and has a big appetite, and his paws smell nice. His appetite is so big that he’ll even stand on his hind legs in order to get more food. Sometimes when I get back from work he’s knocked over the floor lamp, so it’s almost like he’s been fighting against some unknown opponent.

Joutarou and Takizawa - 5

How He Feels About Takizawa and Joutarou

They’re security guards that continue to fight something or other at home.

Toshihiro Nagoshi (Sega)

Toshihiro Nagoshi of Sega Games

Company Director and CPO of Sega Games. He’s involved in the development of a wide breadth of titles, from home to arcade games. A director of the Yakuza series, a game based on the action manga pillar “Fist of the Northstar” will be released soon from the series team.

Paru - 1

Name: Paru
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat
Age: 1 year
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Paru

I had gotten a previous cat from a dry cleaner, but he died at 15 from cancer last year. I’d had cats even before that, and life was lonely without one around. So I got one from a pet shop for the first time.

About Paru

In the Yakuza “Kurohyou” series on PSP you could go around town rounding up cats, and there was a sequence where you could visit them all in a cat cafe. I really loved doing that. I only have two photos of him doing it, but Paru used to chew on my computer as soon as I brought him home. It seems like the corner of my computer was perfect for him to itch his teeth on. The top photo is a more recent one though, and expression has gotten really smug!

Paru - 2

What Paru is Like

He eats heartily and and has very high spirits. He always bothers me when I’m working at home too. My wife is the one that feeds him in the morning, and he’s become very attached to her. When I get up in the morning he just looks at me, but when she gets up he goes nuts.

How He Feels About Paru

Living with a cat is an important part of life for me, along with my job. No matter how much I love them, they don’t quite do what I expect. But even though they don’t, they’re very important to me. They make me happy just by looking at them.

Juurou Watari (Sega)

Juurou Watari of Sega Games

He’s worked on the Virtual On series since its inception, and is serving as the producer of a new entry in the franchise for the first time in 15 years, which is a collaboration between Virtual On and A Certain Magical Index: A Certain Magical Virtual On. His nickname is “Dr. Watari”.

D1 - 1

Name: D1
Breed: Maine Coon
Age: 12 years
Sex: Male

Why He Chose D1

A breeder that I know had D1 returned to him. I couldn’t resist, so I took D1 instead.

D1 - 2

About D1

During the development of A Certain Magical Virtual On I had a lot of overnight business trips. Thinking of how lonely my cat would be by himself for over 36 hours, I put it all on the line to finish work within that time.

What D1 is Like

He’s very gentle and loving, but is also eccentric and likes to chatter. It’s probably because he has such a big appetite, but he currently weighs around 15 kg. I’ve tried to put him on diets before, but I’ve never succeeded.

D1 - 3

How He Feels About D1

He’s a tiny deity that I’ve welcomed into my life, have dedicated myself to, and will one day quietly see off when he journeys to heaven.

Kyousuke Wakasa (Sony)

Kyousuke Wakasa of Sony Interactive Entertainment

A member of the Sony Interactive Entertainment WWS Japan Studio. He served as Co-Producer of Gravity Daze/Rush 2.

Nyan - 1

Name: Nyan
Breed: Unknown
Age: Approximately 16 years
Sex: Female

Nyan - 2

Why He Chose Nyan

Nyan was a stray that my wife had taken in back when she was in college. She was picked up by a receptionist at a business facility called Machida at around 2 months old, or something. Thank you receptionist! The cat that you found back then is still doing well!

Nyan - 3

About Nyan

There’s a cat that appears in the Gravity Daze/Rush series called Dusty, and at one point I wondered if we could make him have 3 different colors of fur like Nyan. We didn’t end up being able to do it, it’s a pity. And when the PS4 version of Gravity Daze/Rush came out, we had a 27 hour live stream to promote the game. There was a part where we showed pictures of cats submitted during the stream. Everyone on staff who had cats sent in pictures of them, and it was a lot of fun.

Nyan - 4

What Nyan is Like

She’s the gentle type that has to be around a human constantly. I’ve had a lot of cats since I was a kid, but I’ve never seen one as calm and gentle as her. I’d say that there isn’t a bit of wildness in her, even though she uses to be a stray.

Nyan - 5

How He Feels About Nyan

She can be bothersome sometimes, but she’s an adorable member of the family.

Masahiro Sakurai (Sora)

Masahiro Sakurai of Sora

He’s worked on many titles, including “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U” (published by Nintendo). He currently has a column in this magazine called “What Masahiro Sakurai Thinks About Games”.

Fukura - 1

Name: Fukura (Fukurashi)
Breed: Scottish Fold
Age: 8 years
Sex: Female

Fukura - 2

Why He Chose Fukura

I’ve always loved cats, but living in an apartment in Tokyo is a big hurdle to having one. After I figured out a place to live, I was finally able to bring a cat into my life. I’ve smiled a lot more, and I’ve got no complaints.

Fukura - 3

What Fukura is Like

When I get home at night she practically jumps up and rushes over to me, and rubs against my leg. She’ll be satisfied and leave after I pet her for awhile. She always waits for me to get out of the bath so she can get a treat. After that she hurries off somewhere. She whines in a tiny high voice, likes to have her belly rubbed, is rarely sick or out of sorts, and probably could do with a bit more exercise. She could be mistaken for an owl with her big round eyes, and thinks only of herself. She’s an ideal cat.

Fukura - 4

How He Feels About Fukura

She’s my gentle support system.

Yuu Mizokami (Nippon Ichi)

Yuu Mizokami of Nippon Ichi Software

She’s been involved as a planner and designer with games such as htOl#NiQ: The Firefly Diary and Disgaea 5. She won an internal design contest, and served as the director to Yomawari and its sequel Shin Yomawari.

Maron - 1

Name: Maron
Breed: Mixed
Age: 9 years
Sex: Male

Maron - 2

Why She Chose Maron

She was one of three kittens that we got at the time. We gave the other two away, but she couldn’t open one of her eyes at the time so we kept her. Her eye opened up just fine!

Maron - 3

About Maron

Naturally I love cats like Maron, and just animals in general. So the games that I’ve made have featured various cute animals. But for some reason I’m often asked “Do you not like dogs?”. I love both cats and dogs! He may think of me as a playmate, because he’ll often surprise me by suddenly leaping out and pretending to attack. It really surprises me, but he’s very happy when I play with him.

Maron - 4

What Maron is Like

She’s a big tundere. She’ll bite when I go to pet her, and kick when I pick her up, but she hates being in a room alone. So she moves to wherever I am.

Maron - 5

How She Feels About Maron

She’s a friend from another culture.

Shougo Saka (HAL Laboratory)

Shougo Sakai of HAL Laboratory

A Composer and Arranger. After composing the music for Data East’s “Glory of Heracles” series, he joined HAL Laboratory. He’s been involved in games such as Mother 3 and Part Time UFO. He also arranged music for the 25th Anniversary Kirby orchestral concert.

Shimeko - 1

Name: Shimeko
Breed: Calico
Age: 18 years
Sex: Female

Why He Chose Shimeko

My family has a history of having had over 100 dogs and cats. So I don’t remember all of the details about how she came to be with us, but we got her on 11/15/1999, the day of the Seven-Five-Three Festival. That’s what the “Shime” in his name is from.

Shimeko - 2

About Shimeko

The meow of the cat that’s in front of Anku’s store in Part Time UFO is Shimeko’s. That meow was made to match the cute pixel art. At least up to a point… (If you play the game and leave it sit, you’ll probably see what I mean…hehehe). Part Time UFO is going to take over the world! You’re amazing Shimeko!

Shimeko - 3

What Shimeko is Like

She’s very spoiled and loves people (and the other cats). She also gets along well with the dogs. She has a sultry meow, and it appears in games as a voice-based sound effects. It’s so nice to use dogs and cats and not have to worry about copyrights! She’s not young anymore and probably won’t be with me too much longer, so I’m trying not to do too much overtime so I can come home and spend time with Shimeko.

Shimeko - 4

How He Feels About Shimeko

A magical being that resets me when I come back from work.

Yutaka Takazaki (Hit-Point)

Yutaka Takazaki of Hit-Point

He’s the founder and also a programmer for the company Hit-Point. He serves as the director for titles that are even popular overseas such as “Neko Atsume” and “Tabi Kaeru”. He also did the programming for “Neko Atsume”.

Nanako - 1

Name: Nanako
Breed: Abyssinian
Age: 11 years
Sex: Female

Nanako - 2

Why He Chose Nanako

My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) suddenly asked on the phone “Should we get a cat?”, and we went to the pet shop and found a kitten. She was wearing a flower-pattern collar, and it was love at first sight.

Nanako - 3

About Nanako

The cats in “Neko Atsume” all had very simple designs, but real cats still had to be the basis for them. When I was overseeing the design of their movement patterns, I always had Nanako in the back of my mind. You can say “Well that’s a cat for you” when they stubbornly won’t use a bed that you bought specifically for them, and she’s no exception to that. The cats in Neko Atsume that so earnestly use the things you so deliberately have put out for them was probably wish fulfillment on my part.

Nanako - 4

What Nanako is Like

She’s timid. At home she’s as indifferent, freewheeling, and selfish as she wants to be. But as soon as she hears a strange noise, she paces about until she’s sure that it’s safe. Her senses are sharp, and I think she can sense changes in mood. That makes taking her into the vet for her regular checkups a very difficult quest.

How He Feels About Nanako

Someone who’s always warm and pet-able.

Atsushi Inaba (PlatinumGames)

Atsushi Inaba of PlatinumGames

The Company Director and Head of Development for PlatinumGames. He’s involved in all of PlatinumGames titles as the Executive Producer. Their newest title is “Bayoneta 2 Climax Edition” for Nintendo Switch.

Miiyo - 1

Name: Miiyo
Breed: American Shorthair and some other mixed breed that I’m not certain of
Age: 10 years
Sex: Male

Miiyo - 2

Why He Chose Miiyo

I got him from a friend. He was one of a littler of four kittens that was left in a park, and apparently he kept getting away from the organization that was trying to pick him up, because he kept getting out of the box. But my friend couldn’t keep him after all, so I took him.

Miiyo - 3

About Miiyo

There aren’t any instances of him being a model for any of the projects I’ve worked on or anything, but I remember being very critical of the version of a cat that was in Okami, back when we were working on that. It ended up being very high quality, so I didn’t end up complaining too much. (Laughs)

Miiyo - 4

What Miiyo is Like

He used to be very wary, and he’d bite whenever I did anything he didn’t like even a little bit. But now I think he’s incredibly laid-back. He seems to really like sleeping on top of my chest.

Miiyo - 5

How He Feels About Miiyo

He’s a “god that can be touched”. I pet, respect and revere him.

Nomusan (Ponos)

Nomusan of Ponos

Serves as the Hyper Art Creator for Ponos. He creates the unique world appearance found in “The Battle Cats” with his unique aesthetic sense. He’s currently working on the development of a brand new title, so stay tuned for information on that!

Chacha - 1

Name: Chacha
Breed: American Shorthair
Age: 1 year
Sex: Female

Why He Chose Chacha

Our previous cat passed away, and I took her in to help out my mother who was feeling depressed from that.

Chacha - 2

About Chacha

There’s content in “The Battle Cats” called “Gamatoto Expedition”, and the names of the pets of staff members are periodically included in the expedition troops that you can recruit. If you recruit the one that has Chacha’s name, she can be a bit troublesome because she’ll never allow the party to retreat (laughs). We’ll be announcing the newest entry in the series later, but we’ve also included our cats in there as well! Please play it when it comes out!

Chacha - 3

What Chacha is Like

She’s a gentle cat that likes a warm floor. She’s normally very diligent about patrolling the house, but she completely changes when it’s time to eat. She’ll go after plates, even eat out of our hands. She doesn’t even actually chew on the treats that are meant to clean cats’ teeth. She’ll wake us up at 4 AM with a claw or a noose-boop to get her breakfast.

Chacha - 4

How He Feels About Chacha

A perfect creature wrapped in nuisance and ego-centrism with the utmost love.

Kenichiro Takaki (Marvelous)

Kenichiro Takaki of Marvelous

The “Big Boobs Producer”, Company Director representing Honey Parade Games. Their newest title “Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal” will bring the first entry in the series into HD for players to enjoy. The action has also moved from side scrolling to 3D!

Hanzo and Sasuke - 1

Names: Hanzo, Sasuke
Breed: Mixed
Age: Approximately 20 months
Sex: Male

Why He Chose Hanzo and Sasuke

I’d call myself more of a dog person, but my wife wanted to adopt these twin cats from the shelter just as construction finished on our house.

Hanzo and Sasuke - 2

About Hanzo and Sasuke

When we first brought them home they were very nimble and black, and I thought they were very much like ninjas. So I named them Hanzo and Sasuke. They got bigger before I knew it, but they still run all over the house every day (Incidentally, I was afraid that they’d break my precious video game related goods, but they haven’t done that at all). They’re also both neutered. The old man named Hanzo in Senran Kagura sometimes shows his lecherous side and interferes with the girls, but our Hanzo is often attacked by his younger brother Sasuke. They’re a handful……

Hanzo and Sasuke - 3

What Hanzo and Sasuke are Like

They’re both fairly fond people like cats often are, and they’re always next to me or in my lap when I’m at home. Hanzo is always seeing what the humans are up to, but Sasuke is a bit of an idiot that always prioritizes his own gluttony. He seems to be aware when he does something bad, and acts surprised when he returns to the scene of the crime. He’ll then hurriedly run away upstairs in a very lovable and comical way. They’ve both been very close since they were young.

How He Feels About Hanzo and Sasuke

They’re like my friends, and also my mischievous little sons.

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