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Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii

Dangerous feat. Yoshii Kazuya - Title Image

Dangerous feat. Kazuya Yoshii is a song from Tomoyasu Hotei's 2020 collaboration album Soul to Soul. While the album had no official singles, if it did then this would be it. At the time this is being written it's the only song on the album to have a music video and to have received any kind of promotion outside of the normal digest featuring clips of every song that will be on the album.

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Stolen Song

Stolen Song - Title Screen
Hardware: PlayStation
05/21/1998 (Japan)

Virtual Music Entertainment previously released a game on PlayStation and various home computer OS' called Quest for Fame, which featured music from the then extremely popular American rock band Aerosmith. Stolen Song uses the same engine as Quest for Fame did, but features legendary Japanese guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei. He may not be so known to western J-rock fans, but is probably best known for "Battle Without Honor or Humanity". This song was featured in Quentin Tarantino's movie Kill Bill: Volume 1, but has since been featured in many other films and commercials. And it really can't be understated just how much of a presence he's been in Japanese rock for the last few decades.

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