Darius Plus

Darius Plus - Title Screen

The distinct qualities of the original arcade/Super Darius soundtrack aren’t quite preserved here, but it’s still fine enough.

Super Darius

Super Darius - Title Screen

And though the enemy patterns aren’t actually any different than the original, I would imagine the zoomed-in view makes for a lot of re-learning for those who had spent a lot of time with Darius in the arcade.


Darius (Arcade) Title Screen

According to Ogura he was only given one month to complete the music for the first Darius.

Dragon Ninja

Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja - Title Screen

Data East did do a good job of including plenty of references to their own properties into Bad Dudes though, in a way that wasn’t really done up until this point, creating their own sort of Data East culture.

The Ninja Warriors

The NInja Warriors - Title Screen

The Ninja Warriors definitely wears that it’s an arcade game that is meant to overwhelm you and take your money on its sleeve, even more than the arcade version of Spartan X did.