Spartan X

Spartan X Arcade - Title Screen

It’s safe to say that none of the many titles in the genre to follow couldn’t have existed without this one.

Nier (Gestalt and Replicant)

Nier Gestalt - Title Screen

Though the story as a whole is a very intriguing one..but for me it was all about how well the little moments were written.


Gradius (Arcade) - Title Screen

An even more novel idea than introducing real enemy patterns is distinctive Gradius power-up system.

Makai Mura

Makai Mura (Arcade) - Title Screen

Despite the unreasonable difficulty, I’ve always felt a lot of affection of this game from the first time I saw it in an arcade.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon Arcade - Title Screen

Thankfully, Double Dragon does have an attack that’s practically guaranteed to get you through without too much trouble, as long as you get the timing down: The elbow smash.